Vol 68, No 2 (2007)


Cover Page
The cover illustration is from Memoires de Casanova de seingalt ecrits par lui-meme, Tome Sixieme. Paris, Javal et Bourdeaux, 1932, Figures d’Auguste Leroux, which is part of the Casanova Collection at the McGraw-Page Library of Randolph-Macon College. The collection is considered one of the most comprehensive collections of Casanovia and related materials in the world. It was a gift of an alumnus of the college, Ambassador J. Rives Childs, class of 1912. Childs served for 30 years in the American Foreign Service and published volumes on a variety of topics, including an annotated bibliography in French of Restif de la Bretonne and an annotated world bibliography of Casanova. He was an authority on Casanova and collected more than 2,000 items of Casanoviana and related 18th-century authors.