Vol 65, No 7 (2004)

July/ August

Cover Page
The cover features a studio portrait of dancer Helen Burwell, ca. 1927, from the Baron Missakian Collection in the Special Collections Department of Miller Nichols Library at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Burwell was a dancer and choreographer who went on to become dance director of the Kansas City Conservatory. The photograph was taken by Baron “Mister” Missakian. Known as a “creative photographer,” Missakian captured the images of Kansas City’s resident and visiting performers during the Jazz Age, a time when Kansas City was one of the most dynamic arts centers in America. The Missakian Collection contains more than 350 photographic portraits, including those of Missakian’s friend and neighbor Walt Disney; Milton Berle during his Kansas City visits; Count Ilya Tolstoy; and Sir Carl Busch, founder of the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra.