Vol 60, No 11 (1999)


Cover Page

The cover illustration, "The Harlem River," is a three-color wood engraving by Czech-born artist Rudolph Ruzicka (1883-1978) for New
York: A Series of Wood Engravings in Colour, published by the Grolier Club in 1915. Founded in 1884, the Grolier Club in New York is America's oldest society for collectors and others interested in· the art, history, and production of books and prints. The club maintains a number of active educational pro­grams, including a quarterly series of public book exhibitions, catalogs and other publica­tions on bibliographical subjects, and a 100,000-volume research library on books and printing. As part of its mission to promote the arts of the book, the club occasionally com­missions works intended to showcase excel­lence in design, typography, and production. For more infrmation about the Grolier Club, visit http://www.grolierclub.org.