Vol 60, No 9 (1999)


Cover Page
As the largest agricultural library in the world, the National Agricultural Library (NAL) is committed to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of information in agriculture and related disciplines. At the turn of the century, before the widespread use of photography, the U.S. Department of Agriculture hired artists to create watercolor illustrations for scientific documentation. The artists' work, over 7,000 watercolors of fruits and nuts, make up the USDA Pomology Watercolor Collection, a part of NAL's Special Collections. The illustrations, often accompanied by field notes and wax models, document a significant part of the development of the horticulture industry in America. On the cover is one of these watercolors, "Tetouka," the work of R. G. Steadman (1918). For further information about NAL, visit http:// www.nal.usda.gov/speccoll.