Vol 61, No 7 (2000)

July/ August

Cover Page
This image by illustrator W. W. Denslow is from the first edition of L. Frank Baum's The Wonder­ful Wizard of Oz (Chicago and New York: George M. Hill Co., 1900). The image is being used to publicize the exhibition, "We're Off to See the Wizard! The Wondetful Wizard of Oz, 190(}-2000," commemorating the centennial of the publication of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The exhibition will run from June 19-Septem­ber 23, 2000, at the Lilly Library, Indiana Univer­sity Libraries in Bloomington, Indiana. The Lilly Library (http:/ /www.indiana.edu/ ~liblilly.html) has collections consisting of more than 400,000 books, 7 million manuscripts, 150,000 pieces of sheet music, as well as photographs, prints, draw­ings, and decorative arts.