Vol 63, No 11 (2002)


Cover Page
The cover image is of a color woodblock print by Ohara Shoshon (1877-1945) titled "Yanagibashi Bridge in the Snow" (alternate title, "Two Women Crossing a Bridge on a Snowy Day"). The print appears in the book Process of wood-cut printing= Mokuhanga junjosuri (Japan, Watanabe, 1935) from the Special Collections of The University of the Arts (UArts) University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The hand-printed, accordion-bound book shows a series of images of the print on facing pages. "The right side shows tl1e forms of colourbocks [sic), and the left side the order of printing one over the other," allowing the viewer to see, in 20 pages, how the print is built up through the successive woodblocks. The final page shows the completed print. Permission to reproduce the image was graciously provided by Shoichiro Watanabe. A copy of the print is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a gift of Carl Holmes (photograph copyright 2002 Mu­seum Associates, LACMA). UArts is the only uni­versity in ilie nation devoted exclusively to edu­cation and professional training in the visual, performing, and media arts.