Vol 59, No 6 (1998)


Cover Page
The Manner in which the American Colonies De­clared Themselves Independant [sic] of the King of England ... July 4, 1776; a hand-colored engraving drawn by William Hamilton (1751-1801) and en­graved by George Noble, from the collections of The Society of the Cincinnati Library at Anderson House, Washington, D.C. A black-and-white ver­sion of this copper plate first appeared in Edward Barnard's The New, Comprehensive, and Complete History of England, from the Earliest Period . . to the Middle of the Year MDCCLXXXlll . . Embel­lished with upwards of 100 Engravings. Probably because the text, published for the author in Lon­don by Alexander Hogg in 1783, could be pur­chased in parts "including the elegant copper plates" for only sixpence each, individual copies of the plates frequently appear in booksellers' catalogs today. Of particular interest to the Society's library are the 1 7 plates relating to the reign of George Ill and to the American Revolution. (See "News from the Field," p.406.)