Vol 63, No 1 (2002)


Cover Page
"Hey Fellows," printed to promote the United War Work Campaign for the week of Novem­ber 11, 1918, is an ALA publication from the Posters of the Library War Service: Record Series 12-1-10, Drawer 1 Folder 1, part of the World War I Poster Collection of Franklin & Marshall College (photo by Michael Lear, 2001, Franklin & Marshall College). The col­lection is composed of approximately 200 posters from the war era. During the sum­mer of 2001 the collection was the focus of a thorough preservation effort by staff and a college grant-supported student. The fragile posters were re-housed so they can be viewed without handling and research was begun into the artists who created these bright and stir­ring images. In the spring of 2002 an exhibit of the most dramatic of these posters will be featured in Franklin & Marshall's Curriculum Gallery. To learn more about the war post­ers, visit http:/ /library.fandm.edu/archives/ worldwarposters.html.