Vol 55, No 6 (1994)


Cover Page
This hand-colored illustration is from Instruction d'artillerie (1818-1831), part of the international nautical material housed at the Mariners' Mu­seum Research Library and Archives in New­port News, Virginia. The beautifully illuminated manuscript belies its real objective: to explain the proper handling and embarkation of naval guns, ordnance, and related accoutrements and nomenclature. The cover image demonstrates the technique for using block and tackle to off­load cannon through a warship's portholes. 

Founded in 1930, the museum is "devoted to the culture of the sea." It features 13 perma­nent galleries with more than 60 small craft on display. The archives hold 50,000 vessel plans, one million pieces of printed ephemera, and more than 350,000 photographs on subjects such as steamships, lighthouses, yachting, and fisheries. The library maintains the finest col­lection of vessel registers in North America, 175 periodical subscriptions, 800 logbooks and dia­ries, and more than 74,000 volumes.