Vol 54, No 8 (1993)


Cover Page

Gold is a powerful motivator. In the Spring of 1898, thousands of men and a number of women climbed over ·chilcoot Pass to reach the fabled Klondike mining region of the Yukon Territory. The Klondike gold rush was largely provisioned through Seattle, and the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections and Preservation Division holds major collections of books, photographs, and other materials related to the history of this phenomenal movement of people chasing the dream of gold for the finding.

Reproduced here is the cover of Hume Nisbet's, "Hunting for Gold; or, Adventures in Klondyke" (London: F. V. White & Co., 1898. Illustrations by Hal Hurst). Nisbet's novel is based on letters from the Yukon sent by his friend Elisha Washington Rajack. In the preface to the book, Nisbet states that it is " . . . a winter's tale, and likely to be enjoyed best if you have a cozy fireside, with a bright lamp, and outside the drawn shutters a good Christmas North Sea snow gale blowing over the land."