Vol 65, No 2 (2004)


Cover Page
The image on this month's cover, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Learns Chinese Moon Guitar-January 30, 1963, is from the San Fran­cisco News-Call Bulletin newspaper photograph archive at the University of California-Berkeley's Bancroft library. The photograph shows jazz leg­end Louis Armstrong, playing the Chinese moon guitar, and Kee Joon, owner of the Imperial Pal­ace restaurant. The picture was taken at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel. Armstrong (1901- 1971), who recorded hit songs in five decades and wrote dozens of songs that have become jazz standards, is recognized as a founding father of the uniquely American art form of jazz. The San Francisco News-Cal/Bulletin archive comprises the working photographic file of the publication from approximately 1915 to September 1965 and pro­vides a wealth of historic imagery, particularly of events in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The archive is searchable online at www.lib.berkeley. edu/LDO/bene53/ call-bulls.html.