Vol 79, No 1 (2018)


Cover Page

This month’s cover features Imogene Bubbett Rahn riding on top of a gopher tortoise as a fellow Koreshan, identified as Edward Koester, looks on. The Koreshan Unity, began in the late 19th century by physician Cyrus Teed in the Chicago area, settled in Estero, Florida, in 1894. Consisting, at its peak, of several hundred residents, the site was envisioned as a “New Jerusalem,” becoming a self-sufficient settlement within a matter of years. Teed preached various beliefs, most famously among them being Hollow Earth Theory.

Florida Gulf Coast University Archives, Special Collections, and Digital Initiatives holds and preserves the majority of the Koreshan archives, in addition to other Florida-based collections. For more information on the Koreshan Historical Collection, visit http://library.fgcu.edu/ascdi/ascdi.html.