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Welcome to the July/August 2016 issue of C&RL News. Publishing is a vital component of the promotion and tenure system in academic librarianship and across academia. This legacy system can also be one of the main barriers to the continued adoption of open access to research. In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Jere Odell, Heather Coates, and Kristi Palmer discuss efforts at IUPUI in “Rewarding open access scholarship in promotion and tenure” and their focus on driving institutional change.

Learning from other libraries and applying their successes at your institution is the subject of Ashley L. Downs and Kelee Pacion’s article “Employing field research to shape the library’s direction.” They discuss organized efforts at Cornell University to support visits to model libraries to improve spaces and services.

Visiting libraries to learn about the profession is also the subject of Ilana R. Stonebraker, Ebony Magnus, and Mark A. Puente’s article “Real institutions, real talk.” They write about their experiences participating in, and leading, ARL’s diversity scholars’ site visits.

At the University of Alaska Southeast, Bethany Wilkes found inspiration outside the library but on her campus. In her article “Let’s work out!” she tells the story of how enrolling in a PE class led to a fruitful information literacy collaboration, as well as a good workout.

Summer term can often mean a time of projects, including training opportunities. In his article “Be Here,” Dustin Fife provides inspiration for customer service initiatives through the story of Utah Valley State University’s principle-based approach to service.

Cori Wilhelm provides an antidote to the statement “That’s not my job” through an overview of SUNY-Canton’s cross-training process.

In this issue’s The Way I See It essay, Brett Bodemer discusses “The wisdom of embedding student assistants in library learning workflows,” while Darcy Del Bosque and Susie Skarl provide resources for “Keeping workplace burnout at bay” in our Internet Resources feature.

Thanks as always for reading the News, and have a fun and productive summer!

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