And the winners are …: The official results of the 2016 ACRL elections

Irene M. H. Herold

Irene M. H. Herold, university librarian at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, is the 79th president of ACRL.

“This is an exciting year to be leading ACRL. As a member-led and inspired organization, it is my privilege to have grappled alongside you with some of the most engaging intellectual discussions of our decade: the Framework for Information Literacy, proposal of a new Plan for Excellence goal called New Roles and Changing Landscapes, and the continuing evolving areas of Research and the Scholarly Environment and the Value of Academic Libraries. As I fulfilled my president-elect responsibilities of finalizing appointments to a wide variety of committees, I was struck by the many eager and experienced volunteers. The accomplished professionals who care about ACRL, its work, and helping each other make the association excellent.

“I am delighted to serve as president during the upcoming ACRL 2017 conference, to be held March 22–25 in Baltimore, which will be centered on the theme of ‘At the Helm: Leading Transformation’—appropriate for a higher education organization such as ACRL. You can learn more about the conference and how to participate at

“Last conference, I participated in a rousing and fun round of ACRL Battledecks. It reinforced for me that as we learn together and play together, we build community. The ACRL conference is one avenue for accomplishing a sharing of knowledge that keeps us all evolving in the profession. I look forward to welcoming you to the 2017 conference, where I am certain you will find many creative ideas to implement in your daily work.

“During my presidential year, look for programs at the ALA Midwinter Meeting, ACRL 2017, and the ACRL President’s Program at ALA Annual Conference centered on the theme of leadership. We are working hard to create various types of programs and foci for each event. You will hear from colleagues and other experts. Watch for announcements about these ‘don’t miss’ events! We have a terrific year planned, and I look forward to working for and with all of you.”

As president, Herold will preside over the ACRL Board of Directors and ACRL Executive Committee, and plan ACRL’s major program at the 2017 ALA Annual Conference. She will work with the ALA president and other division presidents representing ACRL both within and outside of ALA.

Herold’s activities in ACRL include serving as a member of the ACRL Board of Directors (2011–15), Communities of Practice Implementation Task Force (2011–13), Research and Scholarly Environment Committee (2013–15), Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award Committee (2009 and 2011), Law and Political Science Section program and award committees (2003–07, 2005–07, and 2010–11), and College Libraries Section’s Library Directors’ Discussion Group (co-convener, 2004–07). Herold additionally served the College Libraries Section as vice-chair/chair/past-chair (2007–11).

Herold’s work with state, regional, and other national associations includes serving as director of the College Library Directors’ Mentor Program (2011–13), chair of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges’ Library Committee (2004–06), member of the ACRL/New England Chapter Conference Program Planning Committee (2003–04), founder and chair of the New Hampshire College and University Council Libraries Committee’s Leadership Mentoring Program (2003–06), and vice-chair/chair of the New Hampshire College and University Council Libraries Committee (2000–01).

She has been honored as a member of the Beta Phi Mu International Library and Information Science Honor Society (1993–present) and the Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society in History (1998–present). Herold received the ALA/READEX/GODORT Catherine J. Reynolds Award (1994) and was a full scholarship recipient for the PhD program for managerial leadership in the information professions from Simmons College (2007–12).

Her publications include “Capacity Building: Academic Libraries as Campus Partners,” Library Issues, July 2014; coauthor of “Mindful Leadership Defined and Explained,” Advances in Librarianship, 2014; and coauthor of “The Triple Bottom Line: Portable Applications and Best Practices for Sustainability in Academic Libraries,” Focus on Education for Sustainability: Toolkit for Academic Libraries, 2014.

Cheryl A. Middleton

Cheryl A. Middleton, associate university librarian for learning and engagement, Oregon State University Libraries & Press, has been elected vice-president/president-elect of ACRL.

“This is an exciting time for ACRL as some of the organization’s major projects are bearing fruit. It will be a busy year as we look at aligning our organizational structure so that it is efficient and meets the needs of our membership, track the influence of the Value of Academic Libraries special project report ‘Documented Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success: Building Evidence with Team-Based Assessment in Action Campus Projects’ on our profession, and work with the ALA Libraries Transform initiative.

Additionally, the ACRL Plan for Excellence has undergone review and a fourth goal area was approved and added to the plan in the spring of 2016. This goal will challenge ACRL leadership and the membership to identify and examine the new roles of librarians and the ways in which our work is transforming to meet the needs of our user. It will also identify professional development and leadership training opportunities so that academic librarians can successfully meet these challenges. We will be required to think differently about the work that we and our users have considered core to academic libraries and be prepared to make difficult decisions as we adapt to changes in higher education. I am keen to engage in discussions with our membership and to work with the ACRL Board to take up the challenge and advocate for the unique perspectives and abilities that academic and research libraries bring to higher education.

“I am very excited and honored by the opportunity to be part of the ACRL leadership during this transformative time for academic libraries and higher education. Thank you all for expressing your confidence in me; I will strive to exceed your expectations. It has been an exhilarating and educational experience running for an ACRL leadership position. I want to thank Mark Emmons, my opponent in the election. He brought a wealth of experience and engaging ideas to the process. I also want to thank everyone else for making this a successful and interesting process. I look forward to taking part in thought-provoking discussions and developing new opportunities for growth with the membership and the ACRL Board. Your success is my success!”

Middleton has been a member of ACRL for 19 years, beginning in 1997. During her membership with ACRL, she has served on the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee (2010–14, chair 2013–14), on the ACRL Leadership and Nominations Committee (2009–11), and will serve on the ACRL Panels Committee (beginning 2017). She has also served roles in ACRL’s University Libraries Section, including the Executive Committee (member-at-large 2003–05, vice-chair/chair-elect 2006–07, chair 2007–08, past-chair 2009–11), Academic Outreach Committee (2011–14, cochair 2012–14), Program Committee (2003–2005), Nominating Committee (2002–03 and 2005–06), and Organization and Bylaws Committee (1997–2000, chair 2003). Middleton has also served on the ALA Virtual Meeting Taskforce (2003–05) and on ALA President Alire’s Presidential Initiative “Libraries: The Heart of All Communities” Initiative Reactor Advisory Group (2008–10).

Her work with state, regional, and other national associations includes serving on the Greater Western Library Alliance Libraries Impact on Student Learning Task Force (chair, 2011–14), the Oregon Library Association Conference Committee, Local Arrangements (chair, 2002–03), the Oregon Library Association/Washington Library Association Conference Program Committee (2001–02), and Valley Link Continuing Education Committee (1996–99, chair 1998–99).

Middleton is a member of Beta Phi Mu, and has also been the recipient of the OSU Robert Lundeen Faculty Development Award (2008).

Her selected publications include “Magical Thinking: Moving Beyond Natural Bias to Examine Core Services” in Letting Go of Legacy Services: Library Case Studies (2014), coauthor of “Management of Library Course Reserves and the Textbook Affordability Crisis,” Journal of Access Services (2009), and coauthor of “Student Strategies for Coping with the High Cost of Textbooks and the Role of Academic Library Course Reserves,” portal: Libraries and the Academy (2009).


Vice-President/President-Elect: Cheryl A. Middleton (1594); Mark Emmons (963).

ACRL Board

Director-at-Large (4-year term): Emily Daly (1344); Jennifer Nutefall (1096).

Director-at-Large (4-year term): Caroline Fuchs (1301); Nancy J. Weiner (1048).

Councilor (3-year term): LeRoy LaFleur (1389); Lynn Silipigni Connaway (1067)

Anthropology and Sociology Section (ANSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Anne Larrivee (77); Katie Elson Anderson (58).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Rui Wang (78); Mary-Michelle Moore (55).

Arts Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jennifer Cox (134); Write-in Candidate (2).

College Libraries Section (CLS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Michelle Twait (560); Write-in Candidate (3).

Secretary: Meghan Dowell (554); Write-in Candidate (2).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Marcus J. Richter (554); Write-in Candidate (3).

Community and Junior College Libraries Section (CJCLS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jacquelyn A. Bryant (223); Write-in candidate (1).

Secretary: Julia Mielish (138); Mark Coltrain (91).

Distance Learning Section (DLS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Cheryl L. Blevens (182); Lora K. Baldwin (134).

Secretary/Archivist: Danielle Skaggs (161); Kathrine C. Aydelott (146).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Stephanie Espinoza (179); Jerilyn Marshall (130).

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (EBSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Joyce V. Garczynski (119); Chimene Elise Tucker (111).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Yu-Hui Chen (118); Tiffany Baglier (103).

Instruction Section (IS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Merinda Kaye Hensley (545); Anne-Marie Deitering (472).

Secretary: Melissa Bowles-Terry (603); Joseph Edward Goetz (375).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Maura Seale (593); Jo Angela Oehrli (496); Lauren Wahman (471); Write-in candidate (3).

Literatures in English Section (LES)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Harriett Green (69); Christine Ruotolo (53).

Secretary: Amanda Louisa Watson (91); Ruth L. Boeder (31).

Member-at-Large (1-year term): Brian Flota (72); Abby Janine Scheel (46).

Law and Political Science Section (LPSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Sarah Hogan (64); Elizabeth White (45).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Sara Arnold-Garza (64); Mary Kathryn Oberlies (44).

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Athena N. Jackson (213); Danielle Culpepper (138).

Member-at-Large (3-year term): Heather M. Smedberg (203); Katie L. B. Henningsen (134).

Science and Technology Section (STS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Kara Whatley (187); Edward F. Lener (107).

Publicity Officer: Bonnie L. Fong (190); Kelli J. Trei (97).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Rachel Hamelers (176); Peter Larsen (113).

Slavic and East European Section (SEES)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Lana Soglasnova (31); Heghine Hakobyan (16).

University Libraries Section (ULS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Alexandra Rivera (686); Jody Elizabeth Bailey (407).

Member-at-Large (3-year term): Maura Seale (682); Carrie Elizabeth Moran (590); Laura W. Gariepy (435); Write-in candidate (4).

Western European Studies Section (WESS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Kristen Totleben (62); Lidia Uziel (49).

Secretary: Anna Shparberg (68); Kathleen Marie Smith (43).

Member-at-Large (1-year term): Lindsay Hansen (107); Write-in candidate (0).

Women and Gender Studies Section (WGSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Laura Bonella (157); Write-in candidate (0).

Secretary: Colleen Seale (159); Write-in candidate (0).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Jane Nichols (159); Write-in candidate (0).

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