ACRL candidates for 2016: A look at who’s running for office

Mark Emmons; Cheryl A. Middleton

Mark Emmons is the associate dean of public services at the University of New Mexico, a position he has held since 2014. Prior to this, Emmons served as director of instruction and assessment (2013–14), planning and assessment officer (2011–12), and coordinator, information literacy and instruction services (1998–2010), all at the University of New Mexico.

He has been a member of ACRL for 24 years, beginning in 1991. During his membership with ACRL, he has served as director-at-large for the ACRL Board of Directors (2010–14), chair of the ACRL Task Force on Standards for Proficiencies for Assessment Librarians (2014–present), and vice-chair/chair-elect, chair, and past chair of ACRL Chapters Council (2004–07). He has also served roles in ACRL sections, including the ACRL Instruction Section Management of Instruction Services Committee (2004–06), the ACRL Instruction Section Teaching Methods Committee (2001–04, chair 2003–04), the ACRL Instruction Section Planning Committee (1997–2001, chair 2000–01), and the ACRL Education and Behavioral Sciences Section Electronic Resources in Communication Studies Committee (2004–06). Emmons is also a member of the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) and Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT).

Emmons’ work with state, regional, and other national associations includes serving on the Board of Directors of LOEX (2007–10), as vice-president/president-elect, president, and past-president of the New Mexico Academic and Research Librarians (2001–04), and as chair of the California Academic Reference Librarians Discussion Interest Group (1996–97).

Emmons has been honored with the University of New Mexico University Libraries 2011–2014 Regent’s Lecturer Award.

His publications include coauthorship of “The Academic Library Impact on Student Persistence,” College & Research Libraries, March 2011; coauthorship of “Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Prepare Teachers Who Can Bridge the Research to Practice Gap,” Reference & User Services Quarterly, Winter 2009; and coauthorship of “Engaging Conversation: Evaluating the Contribution of Library Instruction to the Quality of Student Research,” College & Research Libraries, November 2002.

Cheryl A. Middleton is the associate university librarian for learning and engagement at Oregon State University (OSU) Libraries and Press, a position she has held since 2012. Prior to this, Middleton served as head of OSU Libraries Teaching and Engagement (2010–12), head of undergraduate learning and library information access (2006–10), and interim head of undergraduate learning and library information access (2005–06), all at the OSU Libraries and Press.

She has been a member of ACRL for 19 years, beginning in 1997. During her membership with ACRL, she has served on the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee (2010–14, chair 2013–14), on the ACRL Leadership and Nominations Committee (2009–11), and will serve on the ACRL Panels Committee (beginning 2017). She has also served roles in ACRL’s University Libraries Section, including the Executive Committee (member-at-large 2003–05, vice-chair/chair-elect 2006–07, chair 2007–08, past-chair 2009–11), Academic Outreach Committee (2011–14, cochair 2012–14), Program Committee (2003–05), Nominating Committee (2002–03 and 2005–06), and Organization and Bylaws Committee (1997–2000, chair 2003). Middleton has also served on the ALA Virtual Meeting Taskforce (2003–05), and on ALA President Camila Alire’s Presidential Initiative “Libraries: The Heart of All Communities” Initiative Reactor Advisory Group (2008–10).

Middleton’s work with state, regional, and other national associations includes serving on the Greater Western Library Alliance Libraries Impact on Student Learning Task Force (chair, 2011–14), the Oregon Library Association Conference Committee, Local Arrangements (chair, 2002–03), the Oregon Library Association/Washington Library Association Conference Program Committee (2001–02), and Valley Link Continuing Education Committee (1996–99, chair 1998–99).

Middleton has also been the recipient of the OSU Robert Lundeen Faculty Development Award (2008).

Her publications include “Magical Thinking: Moving Beyond Natural Bias to Examine Core Services” in Letting Go of Legacy Services: Library Case Studies (2014); coauthorship of “Management of Library Course Reserves and the Textbook Affordability Crisis,” Journal of Access Services (2009); and coauthorship of “Student Strategies for Coping with the High Cost of Textbooks and the Role of Academic Library Course Reserves,” portal: Libraries and the Academy (2009).

ACRL Board of Directors

Vice-president/President-elect: Mark Emmons, Associate Dean of Public Services, University of New Mexico; Cheryl A. Middleton, Associate University Librarian for Learning and Engagement, Oregon State University Libraries and Press.

Director-at-Large: Jennifer Nutefall, University Librarian, Santa Clara University; Emily Daly, Head of Assessment and User Experience and Librarian for Education, Duke University.

Director-at-Large: Caroline Fuchs, Associate Professor and Outreach Librarian, St. John’s University; Nancy Weiner, Assistant Director, Access and Information Services, William Paterson University.

Councilor: Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Senior Research Scientist, OCLC; LeRoy LaFleur, Associate Director of Library Services, Tufts University.

Anthropology and Sociology Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Anne Larrivee, Subject Librarian, Binghamton University; Katie Elson Anderson, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Rutgers University.

Member-at-Large: Rui Wang, Social Sciences Librarian, Central Michigan University; Mary-Michelle Moore, Instruction and Reference Librarian, California State University-San Marcos.

Arts Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jennifer Cox, Supervising Librarian, The Art Institute of Portland.

College Libraries Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Michelle Twait, Reference Coordinator, Gustavus Adolphus College.

Secretary: Meghan Dowell, Consulting Librarian, Beloit College.

Member-at-Large: Marcus Richter, Associate Professor and Technical Services Librarian, Alma College.

Community and Junior College Libraries Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jacquelyn Bryant, Assistance Professor and Access Services Librarian, Community College of Philadelphia.

Secretary: Mark Coltrain, E-Learning Librarian, Central Piedmont Community College; Julia Mielish, Dean of Library Services, Wake Technical Community College.

Distance Learning Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Lora Kay Baldwin, Distance Learning Librarian, Indiana University; Cheryl Blevens, Reference Instruction Associate Librarian, Indiana State University.

Secretary/Archivist: Danielle Skaggs, eLearning and Outreach Librarian, West Chester University; Kathrine Aydelott, Instruction Librarian, University of New Hampshire.

Member-at-Large: Stephanie Espinoza, eLearning Librarian, College of Southern Nevada; Jerilyn Marshall, Head, Liaison and Research Services, University of Northern Iowa.

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Joyce V. Garczynski, Communications and Development Librarian, Towson University; Chimene Tucker, Communication, Journalism and LGBT Studies Librarian, University of Southern California.

Member-at-Large: Yu-Hui Chen, Subject Librarian of Education and East Asian Studies, University at Albany, State University of New York; Tiffany Baglier, Assistant Head, Education Library, University of Florida.

Instruction Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Anne-Marie Deitering, Franklin A. McEdward Professor for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives, Oregon State University; Merinda Kaye Hensley, Assistant Professor, Instructional Services Librarian, and Scholarly Commons Co-coordinator, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Secretary: Melissa Bowles-Terry, Head of Educational Initiatives, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; Joseph Goetz, Information Literacy Librarian, Rice University.

Member-at-Large: Jo Angela Oehrli, Learning Librarian, University of Michigan; Maura Seale, Collections, Research, and Instruction Librarian, Georgetown University; Lauren Wahman, Instruction Program Coordinator and Associate Senior Librarian, University of Cincinnati.

Law and Political Science Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Sarah Hogan, Librarian for Political Science, Public Policy, Sociology, and International Relations, University of Chicago; Elizabeth White, Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Georgia.

Member-at-Large: Sara Arnold-Garza, Research and Instruction Librarian, Towson University; Mary Oberlies, Conflict and Peace Studies Librarian, George Mason University.

Literatures in English Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Christine Ruotolo, Director of Arts and Humanities, University of Virginia; Harriett Green, English and Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Secretary: Amanda Watson, Librarian for English and Comparative Literature, New York University; Ruth Boeder, PhD Student, Wayne State University.

Member-at-Large: Abby Scheel, Humanities Librarian, Florida State University; Brian Flota, Humanities Librarian, James Madison University.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Danielle Culpepper, Director of Budget and Finance, Rare Book School, University of Virginia, Charlottesville; Athena N. Jackson, Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair and Head of Special Collections, Penn State University Libraries.

Member-at-Large: Katie L. B. Henningsen, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, University of Puget Sound; Heather M. Smedberg, Reference and Instruction Coordinator, Special Collections and Archives, University of California-San Diego.

Science and Technology Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Edward Lener, Associate Director for Collection Management and College Librarian for the Sciences, Virginia Tech; Kara Whatley, Head, Science and Engineering, New York University.

Publicity Officer: Bonnie L. Fong, Physical Sciences Librarian and Head, Emerging Technologies, Rutgers University; Kelli J. Trei, Biosciences Librarian and Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Member-at-Large: Peter Larsen, Physical Sciences and Engineering Librarian, University of Rhode Island; Rachel Hamelers, Head of Public Outreach and Information Literacy Services and Math and Science Subject Specialist, Muhlenberg College.

Slavic and Eastern European Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Lana Soglasnova, Librarian and Slavic Cataloging Supervisor, University of Toronto; Heghine Hakyoban, Slavic Librarian, University of Oregon.

University Libraries Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jody Bailey, Director of Grants and Research, University of Texas-Arlington; Alexandra Rivera, Student Enrichment and Community Outreach Librarian, University of Michigan.

Member-at-Large: Laura Gariepy, Head of Teaching, Learning, and Information, Virginia Commonwealth University; Carrie Moran, User Engagement Librarian, University of Central Florida; Maura Seale, Collections, Research, and Instruction Librarian, Georgetown University.

Western European Studies Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Kristin Totleben, Modern Languages and Cultures Librarian, University of Rochester; Lidia Uziel, Head, Western Languages Division and Bibliographer for Western Europe, Harvard University.

Secretary: Anna Shparberg, Librarian for History, German Studies, Languages, and Linguistics, Rice University; Kathleen Smith, Curator, Germanic Collections and Medieval Studies, Stanford University.

Member-at-Large: Lindsay Hansen, Music and Media Librarian, California State University-Northridge.

Women and Gender Studies Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Laura Bonella, Faculty and Graduate Services Librarian, Kansas State University.

Secretary: Colleen Seale, Selector for Women’s, Gender and LGBTQI Studies, University of Florida.

Member-at-Large: Jane Nichols, Instruction and Emerging Technologies Librarian and Associate Professor, Oregon State University.

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