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College students prefer print

A fall 2014 “survey found students spent an average of $320 to get 5.3 textbooks. Eighty-seven percent of these were print books. A University of Washington pilot study of digital textbooks found that a quarter of students still bought print versions of e-textbooks that they were given for free.”

Michael S. Rosenwald, “Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right,” The Washington Post, February 22, 2015, (retrieved March 2, 2015).

Freedom on the Internet

“Internet freedom around the world has declined for the fourth consecutive year, with a growing number of countries introducing online censorship and monitoring practices that are simultaneously more aggressive and more sophisticated in their targeting of individual users. Freedom on the Net 2014—the fifth annual comprehensive study of Internet freedom around the globe, covering developments in 65 countries that occurred between May 2013 and May 2014—finds Internet freedom around the world in decline for the fourth consecutive year, with 36 out of 65 countries assessed in the report experiencing a negative trajectory during the coverage period.”

Freedom House, “Freedom on the Net 2014,” (retrieved March 2, 2015).

Internet traffic

“Global IP traffic for fixed and mobile connections is expected to reach an annual run rate of 1.6 zettabytes—more than one and a half trillion gigabytes per year by 2018. The projected annual IP traffic for 2018 will be greater than all IP traffic that has been generated globally from 1984—2013 (1.3 zettabytes).”

Cisco Systems, Inc., “Cisco Visual Networking Index Predicts Annual Internet Traffic to Grow More Than 20 Percent (reaching 1.6 Zettabytes) by 2018,” June 10, 2014, (retrieved March 2, 2015).

Community college to four-year degree

“Only 42 percent of BA-intending students who enter community college and say they hope to transfer actually do transfer to a four-year institution; and 13 percent of community college entrants who do not say they intend to transfer when surveyed during their first year of college, nevertheless transfer.”

David B. Monaghan and Paul Attewell, “The Community College Route to the Bachelor’s Degree,” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, March 2015, vol. 37 no. 1, pp. 70–91 (retrieved March 2, 2015).

Open educational resources

“California State University [CSU] libraries are working with OpenStax College to provide free and low-cost digital and print textbooks to students on 13 CSU campuses across the state. The initiative is the largest coordinated library showcase of open educational resources (OER) in the nation. The initiative includes rotating displays, copies of published books, and information on digital offerings and supplemental materials. The effort gives faculty the opportunity to review and evaluate the resources.”

Dan Angelo, “CSU Libraries Launch OpenStax Initiative,” The CITE, February 24, 2015, (retrieved March 2, 2015).

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