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Welcome to the January 2015 issue of C&RL News. Librarians at all types of institutions continue to innovate by adapting pedagogical trends to instructional services. At Marquette University, librarians experimented with the flipped classroom approach for instruction. Elizabeth Andrejasich Gibes and Heather James describe the results of their project and ask the question “Is flipping enough?”

Librarian Ellen Bahr and communications instructor Chandler Harriss collaborated at Alfred University to provide an integrated library/classroom experience for student research projects. They discuss their efforts in the article “One-to-one instruction.”

In this month’s The Way I See It essay, Kate Lucey provides a brief overview of differentiated instruction and ways it can be applied in the instruction classroom.

Internal staff training and outreach can be an overlooked aspect of academic libraries but is an essential component of a successful library program. Denise Foley, Sarah Barbrow, and Megan Hartline provide an overview of the University of Michigan Library’s “StaffShare” cross-departmental communication and connecting program this month.

The Davidson College Library developed an innovative training program for student workers who provide information services, focusing on developing these workers both as library employees and students. Cara Evanson writes about the program in her article “‘We aren’t just the kids that sit at the front.’”

In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Michael Wolfe and Adrian K. Ho introduce News readers to the “Authors Alliance.”

Make sure to check out the other features and departments, including a look at parks, hiking, day trips, and general nature in our ACRL 2015 host city of Portland, Oregon, by Roberta Richards; Internet Resources on “Outsider art” by Shannon Marie Robinson; and a look at candidates for ACRL offices in 2015, in this issue as well.

Thanks as always for reading the News, and Happy New Year!

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