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Adobe responds to ALA on egregious data breach

In October, ALA decried confirmed reader data breaches by Adobe and called for immediate corrective action to encrypt and protect reader information (the Adobe Digital Editions e-book reader application is used by thousands of libraries and many tens of thousands of e-book readers around the globe). Shortly after ALA released a statement responding to the data breach, Adobe acknowledged the error and confirmed that a software update to send data via secure transmission using HTTPS was made available on Friday, October 24, 2014. According to Adobe, users received an update notification via the auto-update mechanism built into the product, and the latest version of the product also can be downloaded.

ALA calls on Dept. of Education to include public libraries in early learning intervention model

ALA urged the Department of Education in a letter to include public libraries as early learning partners in the Proposed Requirements for School Improvement Grants. ALA specifically asked that the Department of Education include public libraries as eligible entities and allowable partners under the new intervention model that focuses on improving early learning educational outcomes. The ALA Office of Government Relations and the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) collaborated on the letter.

ALA hosts WIOA webinar

In October, more than 1,000 people participated in ALA’s webinar “$2.2 Billion Reasons to Pay Attention to WIOA,” an interactive webinar that focused on ways that public libraries can receive funding for employment skills training and job search assistance from the recently passed Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). During the webinar, leaders from the Department of Education and the Department of Labor explored the new federal law. WIOA allows public libraries to be considered additional one-stop partners, prohibits federal supervision or control over selection of library resources, and authorizes adult education and literacy activities provided by public libraries as an allowable statewide employment and training activity.

Media interest in Washington

In October, The Washington Post highlighted the library community’s advocacy and lobbying efforts to protect the public from government intrusion or censorship in the feature-length article “Librarians won’t stay quiet about government surveillance.” The piece included quotes from Carla Hayden, Emily Sheketoff, and members of the Connecticut Four. It appeared both online and prominently in the Sunday Business section of the print edition of the paper.

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