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Welcome to the July/August 2013 issue of C&RL News. With summer break (or term) in full swing, many libraries and librarians are also planning new events and approaches for the fall. This month we highlight a variety of types of programs that took cues from current pop culture memes to create buzz and appeal to students. The Texas A&M University Libraries took advantage of their long-term relationship with Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin to draw attention to their special collections and archives with an exhibit and event showcasing Martin’s archive.

Dana Knott and Kristine Szabo of Columbus State Community College used the renewed cultural interest in “Bigfoot hunting” to create a fun information literacy learning activity for elementary school students during a campus outreach program with their local school district.

Pop culture references can also provide an engaging introduction to the library for first-year college students. At Pace University, Jennifer Rosenstein and her colleagues created an interactive mystery game tied to local history and the supernatural to spice up a required library ornamentation course. Dawn Stahura and Erin Milanese used the continued popularity of the undead as the framework the assignments in an information literacy course, as described in their article “Teaching with zombies.”

And finally, in this month’s ACRL TechConnect piece, Katy Kavanagh discusses “Incorporating cartoons in an academic library” by using free online tools to create graphics for her library’s LibGuides.

Grace Jackson-Brown and Gloria Tibbs provide tips for planning a different type of successful event in their article on “The African American Read-In.” It’s not too early to use their tips and start planning your event for next February over the break.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments in this issue, including Internet Resources for “Learning about music on the Web” by Alexandra Janvey and a The Way I See It essay on an innovative approach to promoting Banned Books Week by Scott R. DiMarco.

Thanks as always for reading the News and have a great summer!

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