And the winners are . . .: The official results of the 2013 ACRL elections

Trevor A. Dawes

Trevor A. Dawes, associate university librarian at Washington University in St. Louis, is the 76th president of ACRL.

“It has been such a pleasure for me to serve as ACRL vice-president during this past year. Having the opportunity to meet and engage with members, hearing about the wonderful and exciting projects on which they have been working, and learning about how each member contributes to the success of the association has been so very rewarding.

“I’ve worked closely with the Appointments Committee to help ensure our members remain engaged by carrying out the association’s work; I’ve been invited to speak at several state and regional chapter conferences and am looking forward to those meetings; and I met several members at the ACRL 2013 conference in Indianapolis who shared their excitement, not only about the conference programs, exhibits, and time with friends and colleagues, but also about the great work that ACRL has been doing and how they are using what they learn from ACRL in their work.

“In 2013–14, I look forward to continuing the work of our colleagues in helping to demonstrate how ACRL, the higher education association for librarians, advances learning and transforms scholarship. In addition to continuing the work of the strategic goal area committees (value of academic libraries, student learning, and research and scholarly environment), I will focus our attention on a particular area of student learning—financial literacy.

“Although encompassing more than college affordability, the ACRL 2014 President’s Program Committee will develop or enhance, and make available some resources that will enable academic librarians to effectively partner with other campus colleagues to create and share tools that enable our students to become more financially literate. Several libraries are already collaborating with campus partners to share resources, and we’ll be asking you to share these stories in order to capitalize and build on them. Several colleagues have commented on the appropriateness—or irony—of an ACRL President’s Program with a theme of financial literacy that will take place in Las Vegas!

“I hope you are as excited and energized as I am about the year ahead.”

As president, Dawes will preside over the ACRL Board of Directors and ACRL Executive Committee, and plan ACRL’s major program at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference. He will work with the ALA president and other division presidents representing ACRL both within and outside of ALA.

From 2004 to 2013, Dawes was circulation services director at Princeton University Library. From 1999 to 2004, he was head of Circulation and Support Services at Columbia University Libraries. He also served as head of the Information and Library Privileges Office at Columbia University Libraries (1992–99).

His activities in ACRL include serving as cochair of the ACRL 2013 Conference Invited Papers Component Committee (2011–13) and cochair of the ACRL 2011 Conference Poster Sessions Component Committee (2009–11). Dawes was a member of the ACRL Scholarships Committee (2010–11) and a member of the ACRL Appointments Committee (2007–08). He also served as chair of the ACRL Professional Development Coordinating Committee (2006–09) and as chair of the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominating Committee (2004–05).

His ALA activities include serving as councilor at-large of the ALA Council (2008–11) and as a member of the ALA Committee on Committees (2010–11). Dawes was a member of the ALA Committee on Education (2011–13) and served as chair of the Committee on Diversity (2006–07). He was a member of the LLAMA-SASS Technical Services Committee (2005–09) and a member of the LLAMA Membership Committee (2005–06). Dawes also served as an executive committee member at large of LLAMA-MAES (2003–05) and as an executive board member of BCALA (2005–07).

Dawes’s work with state and regional associations includes serving as executive board member at-large of the New Jersey Library Association (2009–13) and president of the ACRL-NJ/NJLA-CUS (2009–10). He served as secretary of the ACRL-NJ/NJLA-CUS (2007–08) and cochair of the mentoring committee of the New Jersey Library Association (2006–09). Dawes also was a member of the Cultural Diversity Committee of ACRL-NY (2003–06).

Dawes won the Princeton University LGBT Center “Building Bridges Award” in 2009. He was a 2007 Library Journal “Mover and Shaker” and won the BCALA Leadership Award in 2007.

His publications include coauthor of “Assessing Reserve Management Systems: Do They Deliver on Their Promises?” Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Electronic Reserve (Haworth Press) vol. 20, no. 2, April 2010; editor of Marketing and Managing Electronic Reserves (Haworth Press, 2006); coauthor of “SPEC Kit #290: Access Services,” (Association of Research Libraries, 2005); and has a forthcoming edited volume on access services to be published by ACRL.

Karen Williams

Karen Williams, associate university librarian for research and learning at the University of Minnesota, has been elected vice-president/president-elect of ACRL.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by this opportunity to serve as ACRL vice-president /president-elect. In my experience, ACRL members are a passionate, creative, and spirited bunch. You have provided tremendous inspiration for the ACRL Plan for Excellence; you are the heart of the ACRL conference; your research and writing capture and share our best thinking and best practices through ACRL publications.

“Higher education and academic libraries face a great many challenges and a sometimes overwhelming number of choices, but our futures are inextricably intertwined. Libraries are positioning themselves to be much more central to the key missions of higher education and are recognizing new roles across the spectrum of teaching, learning, and research. Success in the future will require radical collaborations and defining different measures for demonstrating value. ACRL has done a superb job of identifying key issues for our collective focused attention and serves as a catalyst for action in a number of arenas.

“I am tremendously excited to have this leadership role and the opportunity to help advance association initiatives that will benefit our members and their libraries. I would like to thank Maggie Farrell, current ACRL division councilor and my partner in this election endeavor, and repeat our united message to members to ‘Get involved! Enjoy your association!’ I also offer sincere thanks to all of you who voted, and to those individuals who agreed to stand for election across the division. Your dedication is amazing. I look forward to three wonderful years and the chance to get to know many more of you along the way.”

Prior to her current position, Williams held a number of positions at the University of Arizona including undergraduate services team leader (2003–04), digital library initiatives team leader (1999–2003), acting team leader for special collections (2000–03), social sciences team leader (1993–99), head of central reference (1990–93), acting head of library instruction (1989–90), central reference librarian (1986–89), and assistant library instruction librarian (1983–85).

Her activities in ACRL include serving as ACRL Board Member (2005–09), member and chair of the ACRL Leadership Nominations and Recruitment Committee (2009–10, 2010–11), cochair of the ACRL 2011 Invited Papers Committee (2010–11), and member of the ACRL Scholarly Communication Committee (2005–09). Williams is a faculty member of the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program (1999–present), and was a faculty member of the ACRL/ARL Scholarly Communication Institute (2006–07). She has also served on the College & Research Libraries Editorial Board (2007–09), on the Publications in Librarianship Editorial Board (2002–05), as a member of the Hugh T. Atkinson Memorial Award Committee (2002–05), and as a member of the Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominating Committee (2001–04).

Williams has served on the ACRL Information Literacy Advisory Council (2000–01), the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Steering Committee as member and facilitator (1998–2002), and the ACRL Professional Education Committee (1984–87). Within the ACRL Instruction Section, she has served as secretary (1988–89), vice-chair (1999–2000), chair (2000–02) along with serving as chair of the Miriam Dudley Award Committee (2001–02), chair of the Pre-conference Program Planning Committee (1998–99), chair of the Strategic Plan Task Force (1996–97), and member and chair of the Continuing Education Committee (1984–85, 1985–87). She has also served as secretary to the University Libraries Section (1995–97).

Her ALA activities include serving as chair of the RUSA Reference Services in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group (1992) and member of the RUSA Professional Development Committee (1985–89).

Williams’s work with state and regional associations includes serving as chair of the Association of Research Libraries Learning Outcomes Working Group (2003–05), member of the OCLC E-Learning Task Force (2003), and president of the Arizona Library Association College and University Libraries Division (1993–94).

Williams won the ACRL Special Presidential Recognition Award given to founding members of the Institute for Information Literacy and Immersion Program faculty in 2009. She was involved in the CIC Academic Leadership Program (2005–06) and the UCLA Senior Fellows Program in 2001. She also won the University of Arizona Award for Excellence in 2001.

Her publications include coeditor of The Expert Library: Staffing, Sustaining, and Advancing the Academic Library in the 21st Century (ACRL, 2010); author of “A Framework for Articulating New Library Roles,” Research Library Issues, 2009; and author of “Every Librarian a Leader,” in Information Literacy Instruction Handbook (ALA, 2008).


Vice-President/President-Elect: Karen Williams (1512); Maggie Farrell (1157).

ACRL Board

Director-at-Large (4-year term): Julia Gelfand (1664); Bradford Lee Eden (887).

Director-at-Large (4-year term): Susan B. Whyte (1380); Ann Watson (1075).

Councilor (3-year term): Douglas Lehman (1271); Tom Abbott (1189).

African American Studies Librarians Section (AFAS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Malaika Grant (68); Write-in candidate (0).

Secretary: Lavonda Broadnax (68); Write-in candidate (0).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Derek T. Mosley (67); Write-in candidate (1).

Anthropology and Sociology Section (ANSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Erin Gratz (56); Helen Clements (46).

Secretary: Katie Elson Anderson (61); Carolyn McCallum (40).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Anne Marie Larrivee (62); Rui Wang (39).

Arts Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Yen Tran (123); Write-in candidate (1).

Secretary: Michael Pearce (125); Write-in candidate (0).

Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section (AAMES)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jingfeng Xia (49); Write-in candidate (1).

Secretary: Hong Cheng (47); Write-in candidate (1).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Binh P. Le (47); Write-in candidate (1).

College Libraries Section (CLS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Erin T. Smith (295); Clem Guthro (286).

Secretary: Claudia Ruediger (368); Robert Fleming (197).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Lynda Duke (378); Jonathan H. Harwell (192).

Community and Junior College Libraries Section (CJCLS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Theresa C. Stanley (135); Pamela Thomas (112).

Distance Learning Section (DLS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Alice Daugherty (338); Write-in candidate (2).

Secretary/Archivist: Stefanie Buck (340); Write-in candidate (1).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Mou Chakraborty (182); Lora K. Baldwin (155).

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (EBSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Dana Peterman (125); Bruce R. Stoffel (89).

Secretary: Merrie Davidson (200); Write-in candidate (3).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Jennifer Harvey (120); Kaya van Beynen (86).

Instruction Section (IS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Mark Szarko (485); Jennifer Knievel (476).

Secretary: Danielle Skaggs (557); Bonnie Imler (353).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Karen Munro (702); Nikhat J. Ghouse (433); Russell Hall (384).

Literatures in English Section (LES)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Laura Taddeo (76); Christine Ruotolo (33).

Secretary: Naomi Lederer (65); Jaena Alabi (43).

Member-at-Large (1-year term): John Glover (77); Alex Watson (27).

Law and Political Science Section (LPSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jeremy Darrington (97); Write-in candidate (2).

Secretary: Jodi Shepherd (51); Emily Ford (49).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Elizabeth White (62); Lori Driver (37).

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: R. Arvid Nelsen (195); Hjordis Halvorson (170).

Secretary: Anne McDougal Bahde (216); Jennifer K. Sheehan (124).

Member-at-Large (3-year term): Shannon K. Supple (198); Danielle Culpepper (152).

Science and Technology Section (STS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Marianne Bracke (167); Margaret Mellinger (148).

Secretary: Andrew Stuart (158); Jack Maness (150).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Annie Zeidman-Karpinski (169); Steve Adams (141).

Slavic and East European Section (SEES)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Kirill Tolpygo (40); Write-in candidate (1).

Secretary: Heghine Hakobyan (40); Write-in candidate (0).

University Libraries Section (ULS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Marilyn Myers (650); Jason Martin (376).

Secretary: Fred Barnhart (550); Carol Leibiger (436).

Member-at-Large (3-year term): Rebecca Blakiston (637); Wayne Bivens-Tatum (525); Felice Maciejewski (508).

Western European Studies Section (WESS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Sarah Sussman (74); Eileen Bentsen (27).

Secretary: Katie Gibson (61); Matthew Loving (41).

Member-at-Large (1-year term): Libby Chenault (66); Chella Vaidyanathan (36).

Women and Gender Studies Section (WGSS)

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Diane Fulkerson (111); Write-in candidate (1).

Secretary: Tara Baillargeon (55); Katie Crook (52).

Member-at-Large (2-year term): Diana King (70); Susan Wood (42).

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