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David Free

Welcome to the February 2013 issue of C&RL News. Benn Joseph kicks off our second issue of 2013 with an overview of how Northwestern University took advantage of a digitization initiative from a local consortium to scan and make available online archives of the Purple Parrot humor magazine, along with other materials.

Irene Gashurov and Ann Matsuuchi outline “CUNY’s Critical Thinking Sills Initiative,” which aligned information literacy instruction with the needs of students entering today’s workforce. In this issue’s Scholarly Communication column, Kevin L. Smith of Duke University provides a recap of the recent Berlin 10 Conference, held in South Africa.

Outreach to faculty and students continues to be a focus of all types and sizes of academic libraries. In their article “Faculty reconnect,” Alicia Virtue and Loretta Esparza of Santa Rosa Junior College in California describe the creation of a faculty outreach LibGuide to assist in the integration of library resources and instruction in the curriculum.

At Southern Illinois University, the library welcomed traveling printmakers Drive By Press to campus as part of their focus on creative student outreach. Megan Lotts discusses the event in her article “Woodblock Woodstock.”

Also this month, we continue our look at the upcoming ALA/ACRL election with statements from the candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect. Review the full statements by the candidates for ALA vice-president in the March issue and vote in the election beginning March 18.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments, including Internet Resources on “Learning languages on the Web” by Seth Kershner, a The Way I See It essay on “Library catalogs and the changing political world” by Eugene W. Kelly III, and information on shopping opportunities in our ACRL 2013 host city of Indianapolis.

Thanks as always for reading the News.

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