ACRL candidates for 2013: A look at who’s running for office

Maggie Farrell is dean of libraries at the University of Wyoming, a position she has held since 2002. From 1996 to 2002, Farrell was associate dean of libraries at Montana State University. Prior to that, she served as Internet consultant at the U.S. Government Printing Office (1995–1996) and department head of Government Information at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (1993–1995).

Maggie Farrell

Her activities in ACRL include serving as ACRL Board Councilor (2010–2013) and ACRL Board Liaison (2012–2013). Farrell was also co-chair of the ACRL 2011 Colleagues Committee (2009–2011), member of the ACRL 2009 Colleagues Committee (2008–2009), member of the ACRL 2007 Conference Preconference Committee (2006–2007), and member of the ACRL 2005 Contributed Papers Committee (2004–2005). She also served as member of the ACRL President’s Program Planning Committee (2008–2009), ACRL ULS Member-at-Large (2006–2009), and member of the ACRL ULS Program Planning Committee (2008–2009).

Her ALA activities include serving as ACRL councilor of the ALA Council (2010–2013) and as Councilor at Large of the ALA Council (2004–2007). Farrell was chair of the ALA Committee on Legislation FDLP Task Force (2012–2013) and served as cochair of the Traditional Cultural Expressions Task Force (2010–2011). She was also a member of the ALA International Relations Committee (2009–2011), chair of the GODORT Ad Hoc Committee on the Internet (1993–1996), and member of the GODORT Notable Documents Committee (1993–1995).

Farrell’s work with state and regional associations includes serving as chair (2003–2004, 2012–2013) and member (2002-present) of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Members Council, serving on the Elsevier North American Library Advisory Board (2001-present), as well as serving on the Government Information Quarterly Editorial Board (2005-present). She serves on the OCLC Board of Trustees (2006-present), serves as chair on the Audit Committee (2009–2013), is a member of the CNI Steering Committee (2010-present), and is a member of the WYLD Steering Committee (2009-present). Farrell’s previous work with AzLA includes serving as chair of the 1992 AzLA Conference (1991–1993), chair of the 1990 AzLA Conference Preconference (1989–1990), member of the AzLA Continuing Education Committee (1990–1991), member of the AzLA Executive Board (1990–1993), and chair of the AzLA Nominations and Elections Committee (1990–1991). She was also member of the BCR Board of Trustees (2000–2006), Editorial Board member to Documents to the People (1999–2002), Editorial Board member to Government Information Quarterly (1997–1999), member of the MtLA, Offline Retreat Conference Committee (1998–1999 and 1999–2000), and member of the MtLA, Strategic Planning Committee (2001–2002). Farrell also served on the Montana Networking Task Force (1997–2002); member of the MPLA, Continuing Education Committee (1999–2001); secretary, chair-elect and chair of the MPLA, Government Documents Section (1998–1999, 1993–1994, 1994–1995); MPLA Leadership Institute Mentor (2004); and WyLA 2009 Conference Chair (2008–2010). She has also served numerous positions within the OCLC Members’ Council, including BCR Representative (2000–2006), Vice-President (2004–2005), President (2005–2006), and Executive Committee member (2002–2003, 2004–2006). Farrell also served as member (1994–1995, 1998–2001) and as chair (2000–2001) on the U.S. Depository Library Council.

Farrell won the Leadership Wyoming award for 2006–2007, was in the UCLA Senior Fellows Program in 2005, and was in the Bryn Mawr Leadership Institute in 2003. She was in the United States Federal Depository Library Council in 1994–1995 and 1998–2000, the ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute in 2001, and the Snowbird Leadership Institute in 1991 and 1997.

Her publications and presentations include author of “Developing a Faculty Advisory Group,” Journal of Library Administration vol. 51, 2011; copresenter of “Reframing Organizations through Communication and Advocacy” in World Library and Information Congress: 75th IFLA General Conference and Assembly “Libraries Create Futures: Building on Cultural Heritage” (IFLA), 2009; and author of “Digital Government Information and Libraries: Shifting Paradigms or Predictable Partnerships,” Government Information Quarterly vol. 25, 2008.

Karen Williams

Karen Williams is associate university librarian for research and learning at the University of Minnesota, a position she has held since 2004. Prior to this, Williams held a number of positions at the University of Arizona, including undergraduate services team leader (2003–2004), digital library initiatives team leader (1999–2003), acting team leader for special collections (2000–2003), social sciences team leader (1993–1999), head of central reference (1990–1993), acting head of library instruction (1989–1990), central reference librarian (1986–1989), and assistant library instruction librarian (1983–1985).

Her activities in ACRL include serving as ACRL Board member (2005–2009), member and chair of the ACRL Leadership Nominations and Recruitment Committee (2009–2010, 2010–2011), cochair of the ACRL 2011 Invited Papers Committee (2010–2011) and member of the ACRL Scholarly Communication Committee (2005–2009). Williams is a faculty member of the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program (1999-present) and was a faculty member of the ACRL/ARL Scholarly Communication Institute (2006–2007). She has also served on the ACRL College & Research Libraries Editorial Board (2007–2009), Publications in Librarianship Editorial Board (2002–2005), Hugh T. Atkinson Memorial Award Committee (2002–2005), and Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominating Committee (2001–2004). Williams has served on the ACRL Information Literacy Advisory Council (2000–2001), the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Steering Committee as member and facilitator (1998–2002), and the ACRL Professional Education Committee (1984–1987). Within the ACRL Instruction Section, she has served as secretary (1988–1989), vice-chair (1999–2000), chair (2000–2001) and past-chair (2001–2002), chair of the Miriam Dudley Award Committee (2001–2002), chair of the Preconference Program Planning Committee (1998–1999), chair of the Strategic Plan Task Force (1996–1997), and member and chair of the Continuing Education Committee (1984–1985, 1985–1987). She has also served as secretary to the University Libraries Section (1995–1997).

Her ALA activities include serving as chair of the RUSA Reference Services in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group (1992) and member of the RUSA Professional Development Committee (1985–1989).

Williams’s work with state and regional associations includes serving as chair of the Association of Research Libraries Learning Outcomes Working Group (2003–2005), member of the OCLC E-Learning Task Force (2003), and president of the Arizona Library Association College and University Libraries Division (1993–1994).

Williams received the ACRL Special Presidential Recognition Award given to founding members of the Institute for Information Literacy and Immersion Program faculty in 2009. She was involved in the CIC Academic Leadership Program in 2005–2006, and the UCLA Senior Fellows Program in 2001. Williams also won the University of Arizona Award for Excellence in 2001.

Her publications include coeditor of The Expert Library: Staffing, Sustaining, and Advancing the Academic Library in the 21st Century, ACRL, 2010; author of “A Framework for Articulating New Library Roles,” Research Library Issues, 2009; and author of “Every Librarian a Leader,” in Information Literacy Instruction Handbook, ALA, 2008.

ACRL Board of Directors

Director-at-Large: Bradford Lee Eden, Dean of Library Services, Valparaiso University; Julia M. Gelfand, Applied Sciences and Engineering Librarian, University of California-Irvine.

Director-at-Large: Ann M. Watson, Dean of the Library, Shepherd University; Susan Barnes Whyte, Director, Library and Media Services, Linfield College.

Councilor: Thomas (Tom) Abbott, Dean of Libraries and Distance Learning, University of Maine-Augusta; Douglas Kent Lehman, Director, Thomas Library, Wittenberg University.

Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jingfeng Xia, Assistant Professor, Indiana University. Secretary: Hong Cheng, Librarian, UCLA.

Member-at-Large: Binh P. Le, Associate Librarian, Pennsylvania State University-Abington.

African American Studies Librarians Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Malaika Grant, Librarian for African and African American Studies, English and American Literature, University of Minnesota.

Secretary: Lavonda Kay Broadnax, Digital Project Coordinator, Library of Congress.

Member-at-Large: Derek T. Mosley, Director, Ernest J. Gaines Center, University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Anthropology and Sociology Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Erin Gratz, Web and Instructional Technology Librarian, University of La Verne; Helen Peeler Clements, Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, Oklahoma State University Library.

Secretary: Carolyn Jones McCallum, Cataloging Librarian for Nonprint Materials, Wake Forest University; Katie Elson Anderson, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Member-at-Large: Anne Larrivee, Subject Liaison Librarian for Anthropology, Social Work, Human Development, and Africana Studies, Binghamton University; Rui Wang, Social Sciences Librarian/Associate Professor, Central Michigan University.

Arts Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Ngoc-Yen (Yen) Tran, Undergraduate Services Librarian and Manager of the Global Scholars Hall Library Commons, University of Oregon.

Secretary: Michael Pearce, Information Services Librarian, University of Alabama.

Community and Junior College Libraries Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Theresa C. Stanley, Library Director, Downtown Campus, Pima Community College; Pamela Jo Thomas, Technical Services Librarian/LTA Program Coordinator, Illinois Central College.

College Libraries Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Clem Guthro, Director of Libraries, Colby College; Erin T. Smith, Director of Library Services, Westminster College.

Secretary: Robert Fleming, Executive Director, Iwasaki Library, Emerson College; Claudia Ruediger, Coordinator of Information Literacy, Southeast Missouri State University.

Member-at-Large: Jonathan H. Harwell, Head of Collections and Systems, Rollins College; Lynda Duke, Academic Outreach Librarian, Associate Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University.

Distance Learning Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Alice L. Daugherty, Assessment Librarian, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge.

Secretary/Archivist: Stefanie Buck, Instructional Design/Ecampus Librarian, Oregon State University.

Member-at-Large: Lora Kay Baldwin, Distance Learning Librarian, Indiana University East Campus Library; Moushumi Chakraborty, Director of Public Services, Salisbury University.

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Dana Peterman, Research Librarian for Education, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, and Preservation Coordinator, University of California-Irvine; Bruce R. Stoffel, Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy, Illinois State University.

Secretary: Merrie Alynn Davidson, Social Sciences Librarian, University of St. Thomas.

Member-at-Large: Kaya van Beynen, Research and Instruction Librarian, University of South Florida-St. Petersburg; Jennifer Harvey, Curriculum Librarian, University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Instruction Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jennifer E. Knievel, Director of Arts and Humanities, University Libraries, University of Colorado-Boulder; Mark Szarko, Instruction Coordinator, Arts and Humanities/Literature, Theater Arts, and Writing and Humanistic Studies Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Secretary: Danielle Kathleen Skaggs, Coordinator of Online Instructional Design, California State University-Northridge; Bonnie Brubaker Imler, Library Director, Penn State-Altoona.

Member-at-Large: Nikhat J. Ghouse, Associate Librarian, Graduate Instruction and Outreach/Subject Librarian for Anthropology, University of Kansas; Karen Elizabeth Munro, Head, University of Oregon Portland Library and Learning Commons; Russell Hall, Reference Librarian, Penn State-Erie.

Literatures in English Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Christine Ruotolo, Digital Services Manager and Librarian for English, University of Virginia; Laura Taddeo, Humanities Librarian, University at Buffalo.

Secretary: Naomi Lederer, Professor, College Liaison Librarian, Colorado State University; Jaena Alabi, Reference Librarian, Auburn University.

Member-at-Large: John Glover, Reference Librarian for the Humanities and Reference Collection Coordinator, Virginia Commonwealth University; Alex Phillip Watson, Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi-Oxford.

Law and Political Science Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Jeremy Darrington, Politics Librarian, Princeton University.

Secretary: Emily Ford, Urban and Public Affairs Librarian, Portland State University; Jodi Raye Sheppard, Head of Reference and Instruction, California State University-Chico.

Member-at-Large: Elizabeth Lynn White, Virtual Reference Coordinator, University of Georgia; Lori Driver, Interim Head, Government Documents, Florida International University.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Hjordis Halvorson, Vice President for Library Services, Newberry Library; R. Arvid Nelsen, Archivist, Charles Babbage Institute/Electronic Records Coordinator, Archives and Special Collections, University of Minnesota.

Secretary: Anne McDougal Bahde, History of Science/Rare Books Librarian, Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Oregon State University Libraries and Press; Jennifer K. Sheehan, Adjunct Teaching Faculty, University of North Texas.

Member-at-Large: Danielle Culpepper, Administrator for Budget, Finance, and Management, Rare Books School; Shannon K. Supple, Reader Services Librarian, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA.

Slavic and Eastern European Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Kirill Tolpygo, Interim, Librarian for Slavic and East European Resources, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Secretary: Heghine Hakobyan, Slavic Librarian, University of Oregon.

Science and Technology Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Marianne Stowell Bracke, Agricultural Sciences Information Specialist, Purdue University; Margaret Mellinger, Associate Professor, Instruction and Emerging Technology Librarian, Oregon State University.

Secretary: Jack Maness, Director of Sciences Department and Head of Gemmill Library/Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder; Andrew P. Stuart, Assistant Head, Reference and Subject Librarian for Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Environmental and Plant Biology, Ohio University.

Member-at-Large: Steven Michael Adams, Life Science Librarian, Northwestern University; Annie Ziedman-Karpinsky, Science and Technology Services Librarian, University of Oregon.

University Libraries Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Marilyn S. Myers, Associate Dean for Public Services, University of Houston; Jason Martin, Head of Public Services, Stetson University.

Secretary: Carol Andrea Leibiger, Associate Professor/Information Literacy Coordinator, University of South Dakota; Fred D. Barnhart, Associate Dean for Library Services and Collections, Loyola University-Chicago.

Member-at-Large: Wayne Bivens-Tatum, Philosophy and Religion Librarian, Princeton University; Rebecca Blakiston, Assistant Librarian, University of Arizona-Tucson; Felice E. Maciejewski, University Librarian, Dominican University.

Western European Studies Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Sarah Sussman, Curator, French and Italian Collections and Head, International and Area Studies Resource Group, Stanford University; Eileen M. Bentsen, Associate Librarian, Baylor University.

Secretary: Matthew Loving, Romance Languages Librarian, University of Florida; Katie Gibson, Humanities Librarian, Miami University.

Member-at-Large: Chella Vaidyanathan, Curator of 19th–21st Century Rare Books and Manuscripts and Liaison Librarian for History, Africana Studies and Latin American Studies, Johns Hopkins University; Elizabeth (Libby) Chenault, West European Librarian; Global Resources and Areas Studies Section Head, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Women and Gender Studies Section

Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Pamela M. Salela, Instructional Services Librarian and Associate Professor in Women and Gender Studies Program, University of Illinois-Springfield; Diane Fulkerson, Social Sciences and Education Librarian, University of South Florida-Lakeland.

Secretary: Katie Crook, Senior Librarian, The New York Public Library; Tara Baillargeon, Head of Research and Instructional Services, Marquette University.

Member-at-Large: Diana Leigh King, Librarian for Film, Television, Theater, Dance, Gender Studies and LGBT Studies, UCLA; Susan Elaine Wood, Librarian, Assistant Professor, University of Memphis.

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