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Welcome to the November 2012 issue of C&RL News. As the move towards greater accountability on campus increases, many libraries are exploring new and creative ways to demonstrate their value. In their article “A programmatic approach,” Nicole Pagowsky and Jaime Hammond discuss ways in which Naugatuck Community College and the University of Arizona tied the library to student retention efforts on campus.

Lindsay Miller outlines her successes in demonstrating the value of the library to prospective students in “The library and the campus visit.” In their article “Find Your Place,” librarians from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa provide an overview of ways in which they incorporated activities, such as letterboxing, geocaching, and digital presentations, to enhance relevance and involvement in their campus community.

This month’s Internet Resources feature also covers impact and value. Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt provide a very useful list of resources for navigating the shift “From bibliometrics to altmetrics” in analyzing digital scholarly communication.

In this issue’s The Way I See It essay, Steven Escar Smith reflects on his journey as an accidental academic library fundraiser and gives advice on locating potential donors from the campus community in “If no one graduates from the library, then who are its donors?” Susan Summerfield Hammerman expands the search for funding opportunities and provides tips on “The basics of prospect research” based on her experiences at Northwestern University.

The second installment of ACRL President Steven Bell’s series on leadership features Tahira Akbar-Williams reflecting on her experiences and takeaways as a 2012 ALA Emerging Leader.

Make sure to check out all of the other features and departments in this month’s issue, including “Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries” and tips on music and theater opportunities in Indianapolis at ACRL 2013 from Tina Baich.

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