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American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works has approved creation of a new division called the Collections Care Network (CCN). The purpose of CCN is to call attention to the critical importance of preventive measures for ensuring the preservation of cultural heritage collections and to support practitioners engaged in preventive endeavors. CCN intends to improve awareness of preventive care, identify or develop standards and best practices, offer training, provide programs and resources, and partner with groups that share the CCN mission.

For more information, contact Rebecca Fifield at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, e-mail: E-mail: .

BL collection care

Research Libraries UK and the Preservation Advisory Centre of the British Library (BL) have mounted “Caring for Collections,” an online resource designed for all library staff members. It is a primer on how to properly care for books and documents and explains why good care is important. There are ten sections: the importance of caring for collections, deterioration and damage, handling books, transporting books, storing books, environmental conditions, mould, pests, security, and disasters and salvage. Each section has text, photographs, quizzes, tasks, and links to additional information. Users may complete the sections at their own pace. The resource is also accompanied by a workbook that summarizes the tasks, key points, and links.

The online resource in Flash format (Flash 6.0.79 or above) and the PDF workbook (324 KB) are available free-of-charge at

Documentation summit

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) of the National Park Service, the Intermountain Regional Office, and the Presidio Trust are hosting a three-day summit about the creation, management, and application of 3-D digital documentation for cultural heritage sites. There will be two days of contributed papers with a poster session, followed by one day of field demonstrations and exercises.

The papers should cover acquisition techniques (e.g., 3-D laser scanning, reflectance transformation imaging, multispectral imaging, digital photogrammetry, Lidar, and emerging technologies) or management issues (e.g., accessibility, curation, storage, and standards), or applications (e.g., mapping, modeling, visualization, and reconstruction). The summit will be held July 10–12, 2012, at the Presidio in San Francisco.

The registration fee is $199 until June 7 and $299 from June 8 to July 1, when registration will close. For more information, go to or contact Jason Church at NCPTT in Natchitoches, Louisiana, e-mail: E-mail: .

“Digital Antiquities”

FUTURESTATES is an online collection of digital mini-films that explores possible futures for America. “Digital Antiquities” is an episode from season 2 that dramatizes the value of digital preservation. Set in 2036 when all digital data is backed-up automatically, a young man goes to the only shop in America where he might retrieve the information on a CD bequeathed to him by his mother.

“Digital Antiquities” is available free-of-charge at

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