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Welcome to the October 2011 issue of C&RL News. This fall, ACRL is moving into the future under our new Plan For Excellence (bit. ly/acrlpfe). This month, ACRL President Joyce L. Ogburn of the University of Utah reflects on the intersection of two major goal areas of the plan—student learning and the research and scholarly environment—in her column “Lifelong learning requires lifelong access.”

The mission and strategic planning process is just as important to academic and research libraries as it is to your association. And it directly relates to the third major goal area of the Plan for Excellence, the value of academic libraries. Janet R. Cottrell examines how creating a library mission or vision statement that aligns with the overall institutional mission can inform the strategic planning process and demonstrate the value of the library to the campus community in her article “What are we doing here anyway?”

Experimenting with new service models can often result from the strategic thinking process. Amy Chang and Judy Garrison from the University of Texas-San Antonio discuss how striving to meet the needs of students led to their library’s “Textbook lending service.” Joyce Neujahr describes the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s ongoing experiments with delivering content through e-readers in her article “Lightning fast interlibrary loan.”

Experimentation can also liven up information literacy sessions and get students excited about the research process. Rhonda Huisman, Willie Miller, and Jessica Trinoskey report on their use of word clouds in instruction in their article “We’ve Wordled, have you?”

In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Nancy Sims examines the complex issues of “Library licensing and criminal law.” Sims provides a fascinating overview of the Aaron Swartz case and the importance of legal and ethical issues in licensing.

Make sure to check out the other features and columns this month, including using archives as inspiration in creative writing courses and Barbara Howes and Michael Zimmerman’s essay on “The case for preserving academic branch libraries.”

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