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Welcome to the December 2010 issue of C&RL News. When I worked as a community college librarian, I remember hauling my laptop and some path finders to the student center on occasion to drum up business for our library services. In this month’s issue, Claire Holmes and Lisa Woznicki of Towson University discuss their similar (and more successful) efforts at bringing “Librarians at your doorstep.”

In the November issue, we examined ways international currency trends can impact collection development and selection decisions. This month, Michael Hanson and Terese Heidenwolf discuss how usage data from a move to pay-per-view for select journal subscriptions can be leveraged in “Making the right choices” for future selections.

Institutional change can create a stressful or uncertain environment on campus. Miranda Bennett provides tips for surviving a period of change, based on her experiences at the University of Houston, in her article “The tide is rising–Don’t miss the boat.”

Retirement, or the possibility of retirement at some nebulous point in the future, is an issue for many librarians. In this month’s Internet Resources feature “Gold watch or golden nest egg?,” Betsy Butler highlights online resources to help prepare and save for a successful future.

In accordance with tradition, this month we take a look back at the accomplishments of your association in the 2009–2010 ACRL Annual Report.

Make sure to check out all of the other great features and columns, including an application of the ever-popular FISH! management philosophy in technical services by Connie Foster, a guide to ACRL forums and meetings at the 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting, and the latest in our series of articles highlighting Philadelphia, host of ACRL 2011.

Thanks, as always, for reading the News. We’ll see you in San Diego.

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