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Welcome to the December 2009 issue of C&RL News. As classroom instruction moves to courseware systems such as Blackboard, providing library instruction services and research assistance in the online environment becomes increasingly important. Susan D. Herring, Robert R. Burkhardt, and Jennifer L. Wolfe discuss the Athens State University embedded librarian program, designed to bring the library to online students, in their article “Reaching remote students.”

Working in the online environment provides an opportunity to forge partnerships with campus departments outside the library. In “Librarians and instructional technologists collaborate,” Bonnie Oldham and Diane Skorina discuss partnerships between librarians and instructional technologists at both large and small institutions.

One potential downside of working in the Internet era is storing and archiving the increasing amount of e-mail. Tami Morse McGill outlines the University of Wyoming’s experiment with moving e-mail archives to the cloud in “Gmail as institutional memory.”

The December issue of the News historically provides a look back at the past year through the ACRL Annual Report. The 2008–2009 report begins on page 665, highlighting your accomplishments as an association over the past year.

Make sure to take a look at all of the other great articles and columns, including an overview of the current status of the PATRIOT Act, with suggestions for advocacy, by Michele M. Reid, thoughts on the next generation of library leadership by Jason Martin, and Internet Resources on violence against women by Karen Evans

Thanks as always for reading the News.

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