Building community: DIY punk strategies for the library classroom

Edward Gloor, Kevin Adams


Critical information literacy instruction requires that instructors enter into a community with students. A major challenge of library instruction is the limited amount of time that the students and instructor have to interact with one another. Creating a community with students in an hour is a tall task, and one that often butts up against the culture that has already been set during normal class sessions. However, that does not mean that setting a culture or building a community in the library classroom is impossible.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) punk is a subculture of punk that emphasizes community responsibility and reliance. DIY punk shows are punk shows that are organized by band and community members, often in small intimate spaces, at low cost to organizers, performers, and participants. These shows operate in a limited window of time and create a culture through shared participation. Like DIY punk spaces, critical library classrooms require commitment and effort from all involved. Both can and will atrophy without community engagement. A culture of respect and care must be upheld by all members; it cannot be dictated by one member.

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Copyright Edward Gloor, Kevin Adams

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