The Bryant Faculty Spotlight: How to love your institutional repository

Patricia Lombardi, Sam Simas


Upon examining the life cycles and workflows of scholarship in our institutional repository, our team at Bryant University noted that we often ingested materials into our repository that we left to sit, languish, and die. The end, period. Kaput. In an age of usage justifying the expense of our institutional repository to avoid cancellation, we asked ourselves if we were doing everything we could to get the most bang for our proverbial buck.

We weren’t. So, we challenged ourselves to answer the question: How could we reinvigorate our institutional repository to increase engagement with its resources? How could we use materials housed in the repository in different ways to highlight faculty scholarship, to tell their stories, or to create other projects? We evaluated our library mission and department goals to see where we could inject opportunity for elasticity and creativity to begin brainstorming, then narrowed our focus on faculty publications and presentations, as they provide fertile ground for cultivating potential and alternative uses of scholarship.

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Copyright Patricia Lombardi, Sam Simas

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