ACRL Board of Directors’ actions

Highlights of the Board’s Midwinter and fall meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, association governance has been taking place virtually since March 2020. With the ALA Midwinter Meeting taking place online, the ACRL Board met virtually in January and February. The Board held a virtual update session on January 25, 2021, and held Board meetings on January 27 and 29, 2021. In addition, the Board and Budget and Finance Committee convened for their annual joint meeting on February 2, 2021. As the Board did not meet in-person to approve confirmation of synchronous virtual actions taken during the fall meeting, this article also includes actions taken by the Board on November 16, 2020.

In January, the Board received updates from the leaders of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, as well as its four goal-area committees: New Roles and Changing Landscapes, Research and Scholarly Environment, Student Learning and Information Literacy, and Value of Academic Libraries to assess progress on the Plan for Excellence.

The Board also met with the cochairs of the ACRL Diversity Alliance Task Force. During the joint meeting, the Board and Budget and Finance Committee received an update from ALA Treasurer and ACRL’s liaison from the ALA Budget Analysis and Review Committee and ALA Executive Board.

At the fall 2020 meeting, the Board and Standards Committee representatives discussed the timeline for the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, which was approved in January 2016 and was due for a five-year review in January 2021. The Board supported delaying the review for another two years to allow more time for companion documents to be developed by the library community.

The ACRL Board of Directors took the following actions during November 2020 and January/February 2021:

Core Commitment: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Approved to use up to $10,800 from the LTI interest to fund 50 ALA and ACRL memberships for BIPOC library workers serving underrepresented groups in FY21.
  • Confirmed an asynchronous virtual vote to approve the ACRL Statement on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and the Print Collecting Imperative.

Enabling Programs and Services: Advocacy

  • Approved in the fall a Statement on Library Leadership Positions with further refinement. As significant changes were made between the fall and January meetings, the Board expressed overall support for the statement, but referred the statement to CLS for continued refinement.

Enabling Programs and Services: Education

  • Confirmed by the Executive Committee its asynchronous virtual votes taken to approve that the face-to-face portion of the ACRL 2021 conference planned originally for April 14-17, 2021, in Seattle, Washington, be canceled and continue as a virtual-only event held over approximately the same dates.
  • Approved that the RBMS 2021 Conference is offered as a virtual-only event held over approximately the same dates in mid-to-late June 2021.

Enabling Programs and Services: Member Engagement

  • Approved the dissolution of the Massive Open Online Courses Discussion Group, MLA International Bibliography in Academic Libraries Discussion Group, and LIS Collection Discussion Group.
  • Approved the transition of the Librarianship in For-Profit Educational Institutions Interest Group from Interest Group to Discussion Group.
  • Approved the recommendation that ACRL discussion lists for membership groups include ACRL members and nonmembers.
  • Approved pausing the current awards program and charged a task force to review ACRL’s awards program and make recommendations for its future.
  • Approved that ACRL makes award committee appointments for program year 2021–2022 (July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022) and encourages all section award committees to do so. While committees pause promoting and jurying the awards they oversee, committee members be asked to work with their chair (or designee) to provide input and reaction to the work of the task force.
  • Approved five recommendations for candidates for nomination to stand for election for IFLA standing committees:
    • Academic and Research Libraries Section: Karen Downing
    • Art Libraries: Claudia T. Covert
    • Rare Books and Manuscripts: Danielle Culpepper
    • Science and Technology Libraries: Kara Whatley
    • Social Science Libraries: Abby Moore

Enabling Programs and Services: Publications

  • Approved the Framework for Impactful Scholarship and Metrics.
  • Approved the change from a five-year nonrenewable term for the Publications-in-Librarianship Editor to a three-year term, with the possibility of one consecutive reappointment.

Enabling Programs and Services: Operations

  • Confirmed asynchronous virtual votes approving the proceedings of the 2020 Spring Board Virtual Meeting, 2020 Fall Board Virtual Meeting, and the ACRL Board virtual meetings during the 2020 ALA Annual Conference.
  • Approved the FY22 Budget Assumptions for ACRL and Choice.
  • Approved the ACRL Budget and Finance Committee’s recommendation to increase personal member dues up to the 1.9% increase in the HEPI index as allowed by ACRL Bylaws. Following the formula provided in the ACRL Bylaws, this 1.9% increase allows a $1 increase for its regular personal membership dues and $1 for its retired membership dues. Note: In January 2020, the ACRL Board approved the Budget and Finance Committee’s recommendation to extend the $5 student dues rate for FY21 and FY22.
    • Personal members: $69
    • Retired members: $45
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