Ain’t no party like a LibGuides Party: ’cause a LibGuides Party is mandatory

Natalie Ornat, Beth Auten, Reese Manceaux, Catherine Tingelstad


What is currently on your librarian backburner? We’d be willing to make a few bets on the content of those pots growing cold. Maybe we would find a weeding project on pause, a draft of an article gathering dust, or that meeting agenda you know you can throw together only hours before the actual meeting. LibGuides maintenance would probably be found on most of our backburners, too.

When the academic year begins and the instruction requests, committee meetings, and consultations begin to crowd our calendars, LibGuides upkeep can easily fall by the wayside. Updating broken links, tweaking code for enhanced accessibility, and cleaning up our asset lists can be tedious, and often uninspiring work. Anyone who has faced down a long list of broken links can likely attest to this.

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Copyright Natalie Ornat, Beth Auten, Reese Manceaux, Catherine Tingelstad

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