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Apply for ACRL 2021 scholarships by October 9

ACRL is pleased to offer scholarships to attend the ACRL 2021 Conference to be held April 14–17, 2021, in Seattle. Scholarship applications are due Friday, October 9. The ACRL Conference Scholarship program provides opportunities for the academic and research library community to expand their professional horizons, update their skills and knowledge, and learn more about current issues and developments in academic and research libraries by participating in the premiere ACRL professional development experience.

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Scholarships are available to early and mid-career librarians, library professional and support staff, library school students and recent graduates, and ALA Spectrum Scholars. All scholarships include complimentary conference registration, and most include a stipend to cover expenses for attending. To apply, visit the scholarships section of the ACRL 2021 website at https://conference.acrl.org/scholarships/.

The ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund makes it possible to award scholarships to academic and research librarians and library staff to attend the ACRL Conference, and donations help support these opportunities. Consider investing in the future leaders of the profession by donating to the fund. Learn more at https://conference.acrl.org/campaign/.

SDSU acquires “game-changing” music collection

A “game-changing” music collection, as part of a planned gift from donors Bram and Sandra Dijkstra, will be received by the San Diego State University (SDSU) Library. The collection of nearly 50,000 vinyl albums and other recordings form The John Coltrane Memorial Black Music Archive and includes rare recordings released by jazz record label Blue Note Records, artists such as Charles Mingus and Sun Ra, and “every album Coltrane recorded.” The archive will provide new opportunities for teaching, learning, scholarship, and community engagement around music and diverse cultural communities in the United States, as well as the impact of jazz on global music, culture, and politics.

The archive documents the American experience as reflected in recorded sound, as well as Jamaican culture and society, and Indonesian, Latin American, African, Haitian, French, and various other national cultures and societies influenced by African, or African American, music. The portion of the collection dedicated to Jamaican music is especially notable, with more than 3,000 vinyl LPs, hundreds of 45s and 12-inch singles, and at least 3,500 CDs.

Donor Bram Dijkstra has described his experience growing up in Europe and hearing “a sense of freedom and endless possibilities in jazz” that contributed to his decision to emigrate to the United States, where he would begin an academic career that included almost four decades as a literature professor at the University of California-San Diego. More information on The John Coltrane Memorial Black Music Archive is available at https://library.sdsu.edu/scua/new-notable/john-coltrane-memorial-black-music-archive-sdsu.

CLIR, Stanford Libraries announce Digital Library of the Middle East

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and Stanford Libraries recently announced the release of a public, open platform for the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME), which aims to become one of the world’s largest online archives of Middle Eastern and North African artifacts. DLME aggregates, through an ongoing program, digital records of published materials, documents, maps, artifacts, audiovisual recordings, and more from the Middle East and North Africa region.

An international collaborative effort under development for four years, DLME currently brings together 127,443 digital records of materials held in museums, libraries, and archives worldwide. It also provides an array of applications, tools, and descriptions that enrich the content and facilitate browsing, search, and interpretation. The resource is intended to serve as a resource for teachers, students, and researchers, as well as for the general public. DLME is available at https://dlmenetwork.org/library.

Getty Publications joins Project MUSE

Getty Publications, affiliated with J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Research Institute, and Getty Conservation Institute, has joined Project MUSE with the goal of providing academic libraries with broader and easier access to a selection of its highly regarded art and art history publications. A selection of Getty’s e-books will become available in MUSE’s main collection starting in January 2021, marking the first time works from Getty Publications have been available through an online collection. Getty’s open access publications are also becoming available on the MUSE platform and accessible through MUSE’s new Getty Publications landing page. Several open access titles are available now, and others will be added through the remainder of 2020.

ProQuest adds audio descriptions to video collections

ProQuest has added audio descriptions to its most-watched video titles in the Academic Video Online and ProQuest One Academic platforms, making educational streaming video more accessible. Audio description adds narration to a video, describing its on-screen images for the benefit of those with visual impairments. ProQuest has already added audio descriptions to its most popular titles and will continue to add more upon request by a library at no charge. Audio-described video is the latest feature to improve accessibility of content within Academic Video Online. Searchable, scrolling transcripts are also available for most of the database’s nearly 70,000 titles.

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO partners with Books at JSTOR

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO is extending its Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) services to include Books at JSTOR. This arrangement offers libraries more options to acquire and manage their DDA program via their preferred workflow solution. JSTOR’s e-book program offers nearly 90,000 DRM-free, unlimited-access titles that are easy to discover and use alongside journals on its platform. The program’s DDA purchase trigger and tiered savings ensure an outstanding value for library participants.

Libraries will have the option to use an approval plan, all profiled content, or all available JSTOR content to feed their DDA program. JSTOR DDA will be part of GOBI’s Multi-Vendor DDA service, which currently offers DDA through ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCO eBooks.

The MIT Press launches Rapid Reviews: COVID-19

The MIT Press has launched Rapid Reviews: COVID-19, an open access, rapid-review overlay journal that will accelerate peer review of COVID-19-related research and deliver real-time, verified scientific information that policymakers and health leaders can use. Using artificial intelligence tools, a global team led by Editor-in-Chief Stefano M. Bertozzi of the University of California-Berkeley will identify promising scholarship in preprint repositories, commission expert peer reviews, and publish the results on an open access platform in a completely transparent process. The journal will strive for disciplinary and geographic breadth, sourcing manuscripts from all regions and across a wide variety of fields, including medicine; public health; the physical, biological, and chemical sciences; the social sciences; and the humanities.

To learn more, visit http://rapidreviewscovid19.mitpress.mit.edu.

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