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Clara McLeod, Earth and Planetary Sciences librarian at Washington University-St. Louis, is the recipient of the 2019 Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award of the Geoscience Information Society (GSIS). The award recognizes significant contributions to the field of geoscience information. For more than a decade McLeod has led and coordinated “Geoscience Librarianship 101,” the GSIS’s annual professional development workshop. She served as GSIS secretary (1992–94) and has chaired the Membership and Distinguished Service Award committees. She also served on the GSIS’s Exhibits and Field Guidebooks committees. From 2000 to 2014 McLeod represented GSIS on the Cartographic Users Advisory Council. She began her professional librarian career as an assistant cataloger and assistant reference librarian at West Virginia State College Library and served as coordinator of technical services and head cataloger at Texas Southern University Library. Subsequently she worked at Abbott Labs in North Chicago and at Indiana University Libraries, where she was an associate librarian responsible for a science branch library and taught a graduate course on the literature of science and technology. In 1985, McLeod became science engineering librarian at Washington University-St. Louis and was promoted to her present position in 1987.

Clara McLeod (right), accepts the 2019 Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award from Geoscience Information Society President Cynthia Prosser.

Clara McLeod (right), accepts the 2019 Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award from Geoscience Information Society President Cynthia Prosser.


Stephanie Debner has been named university librarian at the W. A. Budden Library at the University of Western States. Prior to this position, Debner served in the W. A. Budden Library as head of library public services.

Stephanie Debner

Stephanie Debner

Kana Jenkins is now curator of the Gordon W. Prange Collection and librarian for East Asian Studies at the University of Maryland-College Park.

Adriene Lim has been named dean of libraries at the University of Maryland-College Park.

Joni Floyd is now curator for Maryland and Historical Collections at the University of Maryland-College Park.

Kim Olson-Charles has been named head of library public services at the W. A. Budden Library at the University of Western States.

Bridget Rowan Wipf has been appointed librarian for the College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences with the Teaching, Learning, and Research Services Department at Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library.


Jeanne Drewes has retired as chief of the binding and collections care division of the preservation directorate at the Library of Congress.

Harold M. Leich has retired from the European Division of the Library of Congress, where he had served as Russian area specialist librarian since 1987. He previously worked at the University of Illinois-Urbana’s Slavic/East European Library from 1969 to 1987.

Cheryl Middleton, associate university librarian at Oregon State University (OSU), is retiring in January 2020 after 34 years at the university. Middleton served as ACRL president (2017–18). While president, she worked with the ACRL Board and membership to take a stand and issue statements against the erosion of social justice and for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Middleton joined OSU Libraries and Press in 1983. She left OSU in 1993 to obtain her MLS. In 1998, she returned to OSU as life sciences librarian. She received tenure in 2002, and since then has been in a number of positions at OSU Libraries: department head for access and undergraduate instruction; associate university librarian for teaching and engagement; and, her most recent role, the associate university librarian for research and scholarly communication.

Cheryl Middleton

Cheryl Middleton

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