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Welcome to the December 2019 issue of C&RL News. In this month’s Perspectives on the Framework column, Robin Ford of Reed College reflects on the Scholarship as Conversation frame as it relates to equity and social justice in her article “The long conversation.”

At Virginia Wesleyan University, librarians worked to increase cultural competency on campus through an EDI-focused newsletter. Sue Erickson, Sophie Rondeau, and Maggie Sweeny write about the project in “‘Drops of Diversity’.”

Also this month, Catherine Tingelstad and Heather McCullough take a look at collaboration between “Instruction librarians and instructional designers” at Northern Essex Community College while Jennifer A. Fielding discusses her efforts to encourage students to think more like fact checkers when evaluating online sources in her article “Rethinking CRAAP.”

“A UK perspective on Brexit” from the point of view of academic and research libraries is the focus of the latest installment of our International Insights column by Judith Broady-Preston.

According to tradition, we also take a look back at ACRL’s accomplishments in advancing learning and transforming scholarship with our 2018–2019 Annual Report. You can help make the next year of your association as successful as the last by volunteering to serve on an ACRL committee. The call for volunteers is available on page 612.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including an overview of using a LibGuide to promote a campus speaker series by David Flexbart and a The Way I See it essay featuring tips on being mentored by Mandi Goodsett.

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