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Join ACRL in Pittsburgh for ACRL’s 7th National Conference, March 29–April 1, 1995. Enjoy both the city and the programming. Known as the “City of Three Rivers,” Pittsburgh today is described by sparkling rivers, fountains, green parks, towering modern skyscrapers, and, nestled in its surrounding hillsides, 90 ethnically diverse and distinct neighborhoods. The program features over 100 presentations covering knowledge workers; technology; diversity; and society, economics, and politics. Highlights of the program are included in this issue. Use the forms in this issue to make your travel plans and to advance register by February 28, 1995.

The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, one of the sites conference attendees can visit in March.

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March 29-April 1, 1995, ACRL will host its 7th National Conference in Pittsburgh. I am very excited about the programming ACRL is offering and in this issue we share with you many of the program highlights.

Four nationally known speakers—Jennifer James, Ronald Takaki, John McChesney, and Saskia Sassen—will offer their views on knowledge workers, diversity, technology, and society. Over 100 programs that include refereed research papers, panel presentations, and roundtable discussions will cover areas that will give you the tools you need to be more effective in your job. More than 200 exhibitors will showcase their newest products and services.

Take some time to review the program as it is described in this issue. ACRL members were automatically mailed the full preliminary program. If you would like to request the full preliminary program contact Cynthia Taylor at or (800) 545-2433 ext. 2521.

I am looking for volunteers to summarize some of the programs at the National Conference for future issues of C&RL News. Details are given on page P-13. If you are interested please contact me.

Our series of Internet resource lists continues in this issue with a compilation on the law by Brian Striman and Corinne Jacox. Paul Adalian gives us a look at the fancy technology to teach research in place at Cal Poly. (Special thanks to Paul and Jeff Delarm who worked hard to get us the best graphic replications of their screen images. This is a case in which the black-and-white print does not adequately convey the full-color screens in use but hopefully it will give you a good idea of what is possible.)

Many thanks are due to Eldon Tamblyn who continues to tirelessly index C&RL News for ACRL. This year he has recruited an assistant— Kathy Dusky—who has graciously provided us with the first machine-readable file of the index. We appreciate the hard work of volunteers like these.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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