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ACRL honors 1988 award winners

The Association of College and Research Li- braries will honor the recipients of all its 1988 awards at the ALA Annual Conference in New Or- leans. All the winners were selected by separate award juries. Four of the awards—the Baker & Taylor Academic or Research Librarian of the Year, the two Institute for Scientific Information Fellowships, and the K.G. Saur College & Re- search Libraries awards—will be presented at the close (approximately 5:00 p.m.) of the ACRL Pres- ident’s Program on Monday, July 11. You are wel- come to join us there in honoring these outstanding individuals.

The deadline for the 1989 awards is December 1, 1988. Information about nominations and applica- tions for the 1989 awards may be obtained from Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL Program Officer, ACRL/ALA, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795; (312) 944-6780, χ287.

Academic or Research Librarian of the Year Award

Edward Gailon Holley, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has been chosen to receive the $3,000 Ac- ademic or Research Librarian of the Year Award.

Holley will receive the award on July 11 at the ACRL President’s Pro- gram in New Orleans. ACRL President Joanne Euster will present the cash award and cita- tion, which are donated by the Baker and Taylor Company.

Ed Holley

In naming Holley to receive the award, Donna M. Goehner, chair of the award jury, said, “Dr. Holley was se- lected not only for the significant and numerous contributions he has made to the published literature and library educa- tion programs but also for his leadership role and consulting activities.

“His has been an exemplary career, and throughout he has served as a role model and mentor for academic librarians. Dr. Holley has without question distinguished himself in virtually every major area of our library profession.”

Holley, who received his doctorate from the University of Illinois, served as professor and dean at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from 1972 to 1985. For nine years prior to that he was director of libraries at the University of Houston. A past president of ALA, Holley has also received the prestigious Melvil Dewey Medal and the Joseph W. Lippincott award for notable achievement in librarianship.

The citation commends Holley for his outstanding achievements and describes him as a “Renaissance librarian—a man of many talents ranging from excellent administrator and inspiring teacher to conscientious researcher and effective speaker and writer.”

The ACRL Academic or Research Librarian of the Year Award is presented annually to recognize a member of the library profession who has made an outstanding national or international contribution to academic or research librarianship and library development.

Recipients of the award since its inception in 1978 have been Keyes D. Metcalf and Robert D. Downs (1978); Henriette D. Avram and Frederick G. Kilgour (1979); Evan I. Farber (1980); Beverly P. Lynch (1981); William Budington (1982); Richard M. Dougherty (1983); Richard Johnson (1984); Jessie Carney Smith (1985); Margaret Beckman (1986); and Duane Webster (1987).

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Sarla Murgai, doctoral candidate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has been chosen to receive the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship from ACRL. The award, $1,000 and a plaque, is donated by the Institute for Scientific Information, and will be presented at the ACRL President’s Program in New Orleans.

Murgai’s proposed dissertation is entitled, “Managerial Motivation and Career Aspirations of Library/Information Science Students.” She plans to investigate the managerial achievement motivations of both male and female library and information science students in terms of their educational attainment, experience, age, marital status, mobility, sex role, professional development, career commitment, affirmative action, and personal achievement.

The fellowship is presented annually to a doctoral student in the field of academic librarianship whose research indicates originality, creativity, and interest in scholarship.

Lazerow Fellowship

Carol M. Kelley, head of acquisitions at Texas Tech University, has been chosen to receive the Samuel Lazerow Fellowship for Research in Acquisitions or Technical Services. The award, consisting a plaque and $1,000 donated by the Institute for Scientific Information, will be presented at the ACRL President’s Program in New Orleans.

Kelley will examine CD-ROM versions of Books in Print Plus and Ulrich’s Plus to identify information not previously available. She will also investigate the application of CD-ROM sources to acquisitions and try to identify other ways to use these sources.

Kelley has been at Texas Tech since 1971 and will serve as news editor of CD-ROM Librarian, beginning with the April 1988 issue. In 1983 she received a Title II grant to serve as director of the West Texas Union List project. Kelley holds an MLS from the University of Illinois.

K.G. Saur CùRL Article Award

“Librarians and Faculty Members: Coping with Pressures to Publish,” an article in the November 1987 issue of College & Research Libraries, has received the first K.G. Saur Award for Best College & Research Libraries Article. The winning article compares the experiences of librarians and members of teaching faculties in attempting to meet institutional pressures to research and publish.

The authors are Robert Boice, director of the Center for Faculty Development at California State University, Long Beach; Jordan M. Sce- panski, university librarian, California State University, Long Beach; and Wayne Wilson, library director at Chapman College, Orange, California.

Committee members said the winning article had the “greatest potential use to ACRL member- ship in terms of its relevance, methodology, crea- tivity, and timeliness.” The $500 award, donated by the publishing company, K.G. Saur, will be presented at the ACRL President’s Program in New Orleans on July 11.

Articles for College & Research Libraries may be submitted to Charles Martell, Editor, C&RL, The Library, 2000 Jed Smith Drive, California State University, Sacramento, CA 95819.

Miriam Dudley BI Librarian of the Year

Sharon A. Hogan, director of libraries at Louisi- ana State University, Baton Rouge, has been named the Miriam Dudley Bibliographic Instruction Librarian of the Year by ACRL. The award, $1,000 and a plaque, is donated by Mountainside Publish- ing, Ann Arbor, on be- half of its publication, Research Strategies, and is administered by the ACRL Bibliographic In- struction Section. It will be presented at the BIS program on “Teaching CD-ROM,” Sunday, July 10, at ALA Annual Conference in New Or- leans.

Sharon A. Hogan

“Sharon’s vision for bibliographic instruction early on helped shape the direction and teaching methods now promoted by practicing librarians and educators on an international level,” said Betsy Baker, chair of the Dudley Award Committee. Hogan’s work has “forged a strong link between practicing librarians and library educators, which has moved bibliographic instruction to the core of library service.”

Hogan has been director of libraries at LSU since 1984. In 1987 she received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Michigan School of Information and Library Science, and this year she begins a term on the ALA Executive Board. She is a past president of ACRL, serves on the Executive Committee of the Research Libraries Group Board of Governors, and is currently president of the OCLC User’s Council.

Previous recipients of the Dudley award have been Thomas Kirk (1984), Carolyn Kirkendall (1985), Virginia Tiefel (1986), and Evan Farber (1987).

Exhibition Catalogue Awards

The Katherine Kyes Leab and Daniel J. Leab “American Book Prices Current” Exhibition Catalogue Awards have been announced by ACRL’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section. This is the third year the awards have been given.

First-place winners in the three divisions— expensive, moderate, and inexpensive—and the institutions submitting the catalogues were as follows: “The Larder Invaded: Reflections on Three Centuries of Philadelphia Food and Drink” and “35 Receipts from ‘The Larder Invaded,’” submitted by the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, tied with “Time: The Greatest Innovator” from the Folger Shakespeare Library (first division); “Marianne Moore: Vision into Verse,” entered by the Rosenbach Museum and Library (second division); and “The Virgin and the Witch,” submitted by the Harvard Law School Library (third division).

“The originality and diversity of the winners is a reflection of the wide variety of subjects treated by the 44 catalogues submitted by libraries in the United States and Canada,” according to Sally Leach, award committee chair. “The Larder Invaded” (first division) and its companion book of recipes are an appropriately sprightly and thorough documentation of the culinary history of Philadelphia—a feast for both the eyes and the intellect.

The Folger Shakespeare Library’s publication treats the theme of Western man’s changing perception of time from an abundant, cyclical flow in the Middle Ages to a scarce and precious commodity during the Renaissance. The Folger’s impressive holdings in science and technology are superbly complemented by early timepieces lent by the Time Museum, Rockford, Illinois.

“Marianne Moore: Vision into Verse” (second division) successfully illustrates through photographs, clippings and memorabilia, the poet’s penchant for incorporating everyday occurrences and even objects into her poems. Harvard Law School’s “The Virgin and the Witch” succeeds handsomely in combining features of both an exhibition catalogue and a poster. For its visual impact, originality and well-presented materials, the committee chose it for an award (third division).

Additional catalogues were singled out for honorable mention: “Max Ernst: Beyond Surrealism— A Retrospective of the Artist’s Books and Prints,” New York Public Library (first division); “The 1986 Festival of Cartoon Art,” Ohio State University Libraries, and “Mormon Imprints in Great Britain and the Empire 1836-1857,” Brigham Young University (second division); “Five Views of an Age,” University of Missouri-Columbia, and “Three Fine-Press Printers,” University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (third division).

Printed citations will be presented to the award winners at the RBMS program on July 10 at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. The divisions were based upon unit costs for producing the exhibition catalogues. Catalogues published between September 1, 1986, and August 31, 1987, were eligible for this year’s competition. All catalogue entries for September 1, 1987, through August 31 ‚ 1988, must be submitted by September 30, 1988.

Criteria for granting the awards includes excellence in originality, informational content, visual impact and appropriateness of design, success with intended audience and accuracy of detail. For further information, contact Sally Leach, Chair, RBMS Committee for Awards for Exhibition Catalogues, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, P.O. Box 7219, Austin, TX 78713-7219; (512) 471-9115.

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