Donald J. Sager,who was most recently Commissioner of the Chicago Public Library, has been appointed Visiting Distinguished Scholar for 1982 by Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Sager intends to conduct research into the economics and administration of public libraries to find ways that OCLC and public libraries can work together more effectively. During the past 17 years of his career, Sager has gained a wide range of administrative experience from director of the Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County (Ohio), 1975-1978, to his current position of president-elect of the Public Library Association. He has also been extremely active in professional and civic associations. He received bachelor’s and MLS degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

HerbertS. White, Dean of the School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University at Bloomington, became the 17th Award of Merit winner of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS), presented during the 1981 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 28, 1981.


JosephA. McDonald has been appointed director of the Long Island University Brooklyn Center Library, succeeding Elliott Gatner who retired in February, 1981.

McDonald received his MLS at Drexel University in 1966 and is currently completing his Ph.D. in management and information systems design and evaluation at the same institution.

Since 1978 he has been assistant director of libraries for access services at the State University of New York at Albany. Prior to that he has held a number of other administrative positions, including director of library services at Triton College, River Grove, Illinois (1975-77), and head librarian at the Northampton County Area Community College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Joseph A. McDonald

McDonald has co-authored a monograph with Donald H. Hunt on Public Library Architecture (Drexel Press, 1967), and has had several articles published in RQ ‚ Library Journal, and the Drexel Library Quarterly.

James R. Self,head of Indiana University’s Undergraduate Library since 1978, has been named director of the new Clemons Library at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, effective January 1. The Clemons Library, which opened this January, houses a 150,000 volume core collection.

James R. Self

Self was head of Central Reference Services for the Regional Campus Libraries at Indiana University from 1973 to 1978 and assistant head prior to that. He has taught courses in bibliography of the social sciences for the Indiana University Graduate Library School.

He received his MLS from the University of Denver in 1971 and a master’s in history from the University of Tennessee in 1970.

Self has been serving a term as director-atlarge for the College and University Division of the Indiana Library Association, an ACRL chapter.

Ronald J. Swansonhas been named director of the Idaho State Uniyersity Libraries, Pocatello, replacing Eli Oboler who retired at the end of 1980.

Swanson has a bachelor’s degree from Rockford College, Illinois, a master’s in creative writing from the University of Iowa, and an MLS (1971) from the University of Denver.

For the past ten years he has been at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where most recently he has served as assistant dean for technical services.

Ronald J. Swanson

He has had articles published in the Nebraska Library Association Quarterly and the Wilson Library Bulletin.


L. Kurt Adamsonhas been appointed associate director and head of public services at the Pappaw Law Library, Boston University.

Luella Allenhas been reappointed to the staff at the Health Sciences Library of the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Christine Barcushas been appointed head of the Copy Cataloging Section, Monographic Cataloging Department, Duke University Library, Durham, North Carolina.

Annabelle Beachis the new acquisitions librarian at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Library.

Robert Bellantiis now head of the Management Library at University of California, Los Angeles.

BettyG. Bengtson is now associate director for technical services, The University of Tennessee Library, Knoxville.

Nell Bentonhas been appointed catalog librarian at Vanderbilt University Library, Nashville.

TobyN. Bernstein is now catalog librarian at the Northeastern University Library, Boston.

Karen Bouciashas been appointed support services librarian at the Fogler Library, University of Maine at Orono.

Anji Brennerhas been appointed reference bibliographer and head of the Tennant Memorial Library of the Gray Freshwater Biological Institute, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus.

Susan L. Catterall,has been appointed reference/circulation librarian at Drake University Law Library, Des Moines, Iowa.

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Renee Chapmanis the new head of cataloging at the University of Iowa Law Library, Iowa City.

Gary Charbonneauis now serials cataloger at Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington.

Paula Chiabmontehas been named head of the Architecture and Environmental Design Library at the State University of New York, Buffalo.

Mike Chiorazzihas joined the staff of the Duke University Law Library, Durham, North Carolina, as reference librarian.

Ralph J. Coffmanis now head of Special Collections at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Marva O. Cowardhas been appointed head of interlibrary services, The University of Tennessee Library, Knoxville.

Wilma Cromwellis now cataloger in the Cataloging Department of the Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington.

Barbara DeFelicehas been appointed reference librarian at Montana State University Library, Bozeman.

Kathleen Donnelleywas appointed government documents/assistant reference librarian for Case Western Reserve University Law Library, Cleveland, Ohio.

Janet Dreheris the new acquisitions/ documents librarian at Villanova University Law Library, Pennsylvania.

Kristy Elamis assistant law librarian at St. Louis University, Missouri.

Shirley J. Fosheris now technical services librarian at Drake University Law Library, Des Moines, Iowa.

Leonard H. Freiserhas been appointed chief librarian of The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.

Ellen G. Gartrellwas appointed assistant curator for reader services in the Manuscript Department of Duke University Library, Durham, North Carolina.

Vicki Glasgowhas been appointed reference/ bibliographer at the Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

Douglas A. Greenis the new director of Torreyson Library, University of Central Arkansas, Conway.

Susan L. Grigghas been appointed curator of the Immigration History Research Center Collection at the University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

Lois Heiser is now head of the Geology Library at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Janet S. Hixonhas joined the staff of Western State University College of Law Library, San Diego, as reference librarian.

Cheri Johnsonhas been appointed reference and bibliographic instruction librarian at the Undergraduate Library of Indiana University, Bloomington.

Janis E. Jordanhas been appointed reference bibliographer, Walter Library, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Kathryn Kayahas been appointed librarian for the Montana Health Sciences Information Network at Montana State University, Bozeman.

David Klaassenis now curator of the Social Welfare History Archives, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Lynette Korenichas joined the staff of the Fine Arts Library of Indiana University, Bloomington.

Charles Kraatzhas been appointed assistant director at Rider College, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Erika Linkehas been appointed interlibrary loan head at the University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

Anne McGreerhas joined the Cataloging Department of Indiana University Library, Bloomington.

Paul F. McKennahas been appointed general librarian in the Cataloguing Department of Osgoode Hall Law School Libraiy, York University, Ontario.

Mark G. R. McManushas been appointed head cataloger of E. Lee Trinkle Library, Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Jacquelyn Marieis now reference librarian at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Tamara J. Milleris the new head of systems, The University of Tennessee Library, Knoxville.

Frederick Mustohas joined the Reference Department of the Indiana University Library, Bloomington.

Robert Nissenbaumis now lawyer/librarian at the Tarleton Law Library of the University of Texas, Austin.

Cerise Obermanhas been appointed head of general reference services at Walter Library, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

Janet Pattersonhas been appointed assistant reference librarian at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri.

FrederickW. Pattison has been appointed librarian of the Sophia F. Palmer Library, American Journal of Nursing Company, New York.

Helen Rogersis a new reference librarian and research instructor at the University of Miami School of Law Library, Coral Gables, Florida.

Betty Rosenkranzhas been appointed assistant librarian of the Serials Department, University of Delaware Library, Newark.

Catherine Sassenhas been appointed catalog librarian at the William Russell Pullen Library of Georgia State University, Atlanta.

Reiner H. Schaefferhas been selected as tenure director of academy libraries at the US Air Force Academy, Colorado.

John Schalowhas been appointed head catalog librarian at Northeastern University Libraries, Boston.

Roberta Seeγeldthas joined the staff of the James S. Kemper Library of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, as circulation and automation librarian.

Andrea Singerhas joined the staff of the Government Publications Department at Indiana University Library, Bloomington.

Nancy S. Skipperhas been appointed assistant librarian in the Reference Department of Olin Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Dana Smithis now head of the new Purdue Undergraduate Library, Westville, Indiana.

Linda Snyderhas been appointed reference librarian at the University of Delaware Library, Newark.

Patricia Steeleis head of the School of Library and Information Science Library, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Jana Stevenshas taken the position of head of acquisitions in the Bobst Library at New York University, New York.

Sarah Watsteinhas been appointed social science reference librarian of New York University Libraries, New York.

Robert F. Weberis now head of reader services at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls.

Hilary Weimeris the new assistant reference librarian at American University Law Library, Washington, D.C.

Robert L. Wrighthas been appointed personnel officer at the University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

Terry Zinseris now associate dean of the Learning Materials Center, Cerritos College, Norwalk, California.


Joe W. Kraus,director of libraries at Illinois State University, Normal, will retire August 31 after more than 40 years in library work. He plans to continue researching and writing about American book publishers in the 1800s.

Kraus earned bachelors, master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois in 1939, 1941, and 1960 respectively. He has taught and worked in libraries at Urbana and Westminster College in Missouri before becoming head of the library science department at Madison College in Virginia for ten years and director of libraries at Kansas State University from 1962 to 1966, when he was appointed at Illinois State.

Joe W. Kraus

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Pam Rodgers

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Linda and Carol, Pam and Pat are Midwest Library Service’s Personal Customer Service Representatives who are specially trained to solve any book ordering problem your library may encounter. They are thoroughly knowledgeable in all facets of the library jobber business, and if you are ever in need of their services, you can reach them by using our TOLL-FREE WATS Line, 1-800-325-8833 (Missouri customers please call COLLECT: 0-314-739-3100) for help in solving any problem. Your

Customer Service Representative will follow the problem through to a satisfactory conclusion — without delay. Remember Linda and Carol, Pam and Pat are “working” for you and your library. It’s all part of Midwest Library Service’s tradition of excellence.

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Kraus has written numerous articles in library journals and a monograph on William Beer and the New Orleans Libraries 1891-1927 in 1952. He was chair of the executive board of the Illinois Library Association in 1975-76 and is currently finishing a term as editor of ACRL’s Publications in Librarianship series.

Rose-Grace Faucherretired as head of the Undergraduate Library at the University of Michigan after 42 years of library service.


W. Carl Jackson, former dean of university libraries at Indiana University, is presumed dead after having been lost at sea off the coast of Spain in May 1981. Having sailed his yacht, the “Carla Mia,’’ to Ireland in 1978, he was attempting to recross the Atlantic.

Jackson received his MLS in 1952 from Florida State University. He held positions of increasing responsibility in the libraries of the University of Tennessee, Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Colorado before becoming director of libraries at Pennsylvania State University in 1966. On January 1, 1973, he became dean of university libraries at Indiana University, a position he relinquished on June 30, 1980, to allow more time for writing, research, and teaching.

Jackson made significant contributions to the library profession during his career. He was a leader in the founding of MARLIN and MIDLNET, and he led the national effort to develop the Cataloging-in-Publication program now operated by the Library of Congress. He served the American Library Association in several capacities—as chair of many committees, as president of the Resources and Technical Services Division, and as a member of ALA Council.

Mary Ruth Magruder Brady,dean of Kansas State University Libraries, Manhattan, died November 10. ■■

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