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ACRL University Library Statistics, 1987-88, compiled by Robert E. Molyneux (79 pages, July 1989), provides data on university libraries in the U.S. and Canada that fall in the following categories: Research I and II, doctorategranting Universities I and II according to the Carnegie Foundation’s Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, and non-members of the Association of Research Libraries. Published every two years since 1978-79, the ACRL statistical report provides data in the areas of collections expenditures, personnel, andinterlibraryloan, with institutional rankings. Copies may be ordered for $49.95 (ACRL members, $29.95) from ALA Publishing, Order Department, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL60611-2795. ISBN 0-8389-7288-8.

The entire 10-year series of academic library data is also available on diskette (both 574" and 372"), accompanied by a user’s guide. The files are in ASCII, .DIF, and .SAS formats. The cost is $47.95 for ACRL members, $59.95 for nonmembers, and may also be ordered from ALA Publishing. ISBN 0-8389-7310-8.

An American Vision: John G. Bullock andthe Photo-Secession, by Tom Beck (160 pages, June 1989), explores the photography of PhiladelphiapictorialistJohnG. Bullock (1854-1939), who was a founding member of the elite photographic society, the Photo-Secession, established by Alfred Steiglitz in 1902. The photographs are taken from a collection at the Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery, University of Maryland Baltimore County, which held an exhibition earlier this year. The 124 plates reprinted in this book are representative of an era in which photographers like Bullock tried to gain wider acceptance of photography as an art form. The cost is $29.95, from Aperture, 20 E. 23d St., New York, NY 10010. ISBN 0-89381-405-9.

A Birdsong Tutor for Visually Handicapped Individuals has been published in recorded cassette format bythe Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology, with the cooperation of the National Library Servi ce for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, the Library of Congress, and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Developed by Lang Elliott, a staff member at the Cornell Laboratory, the tutor is recorded on two cassette tapes and presents 120 minutes of sounds repre senting seventy species indiginous to the easterr United States and Canada. Copies are available fo: $14.95 each from the Cornell Laboratory of Orni thology, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, NA 14850.

Black African Literature in English 1982-1986, by Bernth Lindfors (444 pages, Jum 1989), lists more than 5,000 entries (some anno tated to identify the authors discussed) arranged ir two parts. The first section covers genre andtopica studies and reference sources, while the seconc includes critical writings, interviews, and othei materials about individual authors. Access is pro vided by name, title, subject, and geographica indexes. Copies may be ordered for $85.00 fron K.G. Saur, 245 W. 17th St., New York, NY 10011 ISBN 0-905450-61-5.

Civil War Maps: An Annotated List ofMapi and Atlases in the Library of Congress, com piled by Richard W. Stephenson (410 pages, 2d ed. 1989), includes detailed descriptions of2,240 map: and charts and 76 atlases and sketch books in the custody of the Library’s Geography and Map Divi sion. Originally published in 1961 forthe Civil Wai centennial, this illustrated cartobibliography alsc covers maps held by LC’s Manuscripts Divisior and the general collections. Copies are available foi $46.00 from the Superintendent of Documents Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. Stock no. 030-000-00209-1.

The Freedom to Lie: A Debate about De mocracy, by John Swan and Noel Peattie (18í pages, August 1989), is an expanded version of the debate, “Two Views of Intellectual Freedom,’ sponsored bythe ALA Social Responsibilities Rounc Table and the ALA Intellectual Freedom Rounc Table at the 1988 Annual Conference in Nev Orleans. The debate represents the twin emphase: of absolute free speech vs. socially responsible free speech. Both of the author’s positions are elo quently and lucidly stated. The book is available fo: $15.95 from McFarland & Company, Box 611 Jefferson, NC 28640. ISBN 0-89950-409-4.

• Introduction to Automation for Library ans, by William Saffady (363 pages, 2d ed., 1989) emphasizes concepts and terminology that are essential to librarians who must communicate with data processing personnel, equipment vendors, and others involved in the design and implementation of automated information systems. The first part examines the fundamentals of computer hardware, software, data processing concepts, and automated office systems; the second part discusses automated circulation control, automated cataloging, automated reference, and automated acquisitions and serials control. Well illustrated, this edition will serve as a useful library school textbook as well as a handy reference volume. Copies maybe ordered for $40.00 from ALA Publishing, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL60611-2795. ISBN 0-8389- 0503-X.

Juris-Jocular: An Anthology of Modern American Legal Humor, compiled by Ronald L. Brown (165 pages, April 1989), provides an intriguing glimpse of the lighter side of the legal profession. Although taken from law reviews and other legal journals, the humor will not be lost on the lay reader. Some sample titles: “The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule,” “The1 "’Infernal Footnote2,” “Tax Shelters for the Poor?” and “The New (Legal) Devil’s Dictionary.” Available for $25.00 from Fred B. Rothman & Co., 10368 W. Centennial Road, Littleton, CO 80127. ISBN 0- 8377-0356-5.

The Maine Union List of Serials (1989microfiche ed.) has been published by the Fogler Library', University of Maine at Orono. This edition includes 18,650 titles in 45,200 holdings statements for 79 academic, public and special libraries in Maine. Copies are available for $15.00 prepaid from Marie Willette, Fogler Library, Universityof Maine, Orono, ME 04469. Specify 24x or 42x reduction.

Motoring Tourists and the Scenic West, 1903 to 1948, by Michael Vinson (42 pages, June 1989), describes an exhibition at the DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, that highlights its transportation collection. The catalog focuses on the fascination that Americans had in the early part of this century with Western travel via autombobile. It is divided into sections on automobile sales catalogs, operating instruction and maintenance, highway guides and motor camping, organized touring and travel promotion, and documentary accounts of travel. The latter section is particularly interesting, as it is hard to imagine people today publishing personal narratives about their drive west. Copies may be purchased for $12.50 from the DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275-0396.

Murder in the Stacks, by Marion Boyd Hav-inghurst (249 pages, 1989), is a facsimile reprint of the famous 1934 detective novel concerning a university library much like Miami University’s. As the original dust jacket said, “A mystery story, fresh in plot and setting, in which Don Crawford, ayoung librarian, meets death in a university library, thus involving certain members of the faculty and student body in a situation embarrassing to them and highly entertaining to readers.” Floor plans of Miami’s Alumni Library are reproduced as the endpapers in both the original and the reprint. Havinghurst began writing the book in the library, but frightened herself enough to finish her writing at home. Prepaid orders in the amount of $6.50 per copy should be directed to the Walter Havinghurst Special Collections, Miami University Libraries, Oxford, OH 45056. ISBN 0-918761-03-4.

Onsite Access to Library Collections by Visiting Scholars, SPEC Kit #155 (June 1989), covers the policies, services, restrictions, agreements, and fees involved in the onsite use of ARL libraries by scholars, whether affiliated with another institution or independent. The kit contains SPEC survey results, definitions, individual library statements, reciprocal borrowing agreements, and guidelines for service fees. Individual SPEC Kits maybe ordered for $20.00 (prepayment required) from SPEC, Office of Management Services, 1527 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20036.

Optical Storage Technology: A Bibliogra- phy, by William Saffady (158 pages, July 1989), provides an extensive compilation of citations to books, articles, technical reports dealing with all facets of optical storage. The book is divided by type of media (videodisks, CD-ROM, CD-I, write-once optical disks, erasable optical disks) and within each section by type of publication and method of treatment (technology, descriptions, case studies). The author emphasizes recent literature, but citations going back to the mid- 1970s are also included. Copies maybe purchased for $45.00 from Meckler Corporation, 11 Ferry Lane West, Westport, CT 06430. ISBN 0-88736-231-1.

Pay Equity: An Action Manual for Library Workers, by Carolyn Kenady (106 pages, March 1989), outlines a three-phase process for winning equitable salaries, drawing on the experiences oí library staff who have used a variety of strategies and tactics to win pay increases. Case studies of libraries and larger organizations with libraries illustrate those strategies and tactics. The manual also explains techniques for documenting pay inequities that have been developed and applied throughout the country. The author is project director for the ALA Committee on Pay Equity, which sponsored the development of this book with the ALA Office for Library Personnel Resources. Copies are available for $24.95 from ALA Publishing, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611-2795. ISBN 0-8389-3365-3.

Preservation Guide 5: Books, by Pamela D.Arceneaux and Jessica Travis (13 pages, 1989), is designed for the booklover whose home collection is worth preserving. Short summaries on storage, handling, cleaning, and rebinding are presented. Copies maybe ordered for $3.95 from the Historic New Orleans Collection, 533 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130-2179. ISBN 0-917860-27-6.

Reading the OCLC Screen, by RichardHeinzkill (102 pages, 1989), serves as a quick reference guide to deciphering the abbreviations and number codes in the OCLC cataloging database. The primary audience will be those who use the database mainly as an online bibliography, or those who are just leaning to use OCLC and MARC formats. Database structure, rather than search techniques, is the major focus. Copies may be ordered for $15.00 from Richard Heinzkill, 2161 Hilyard St., Eugene, OR 97405.

Richard Garnett: The Scholar As Librarian, by Barbara McCrimmon (272 pages, August 1989), has been published as no.46 in the ACRL Publications in Librarianship series. As keeper of printed books for the British Museum Library in the late 19th century, Garnett associated with many of the literary figures of the day (Samuel Butler, Thomas Hardy, Algernon Swinburne, Ford Madox Ford, and others) and earned a reputation for his poetry, short stories, biographies, essays, and literary criticism. Many of his addresses and essays helped lay the foundations of 20th-century librarianship, and at his retirement in 1899 he was considered by many to be “the most prominent representative of the library world.” The book may be ordered for $30.00 from ALA Publishing, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL60611-2795. ISBN 0-8389- 0508-0.

Salary Survey of Pennsylvania Academic Libraries, compiled by Gordon Fretwell (1989), has been published by the College and Research Libraries Division of the Pennsylvania Library Association. Data for 93 libraries and 920 librarians, who averaged 14 years’ experience, revealed that the average salary was highest in public institutions ($36,760), followed by the state-related ($33,326), the private non-sectarian ($30,767), and the private church-related ($24,479). Tables breaking down data for women, ethnic minorities, and type of position are also given. Copies may be ordered for $10.00 (prepaid) from the Pennsylvania Library Association, 3107 N. Front St., Harrisburg, PA 17110.

State Education Documents: A State-by- State Directory for Their Education and Use, prepared by two committees of ACRL’s Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (45 pages, July 1989), lists the types of materials produced by state education agencies, such as education statistics, curriculum guides, instructional materials, annual reports, directories, tecahing aids, appraisal instruments, and legal documents. A general discussion of state documents, indexing systems and depository systems, and a brief bibliography are included. The directory will serve as both an acquisitions tool and afinding aid. Copies maybe ordered for $ 19.95 ($ 16.95 to ACRL members) from ALA Publishing, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL60611-2795. ISBN 0- 8389-7327-2.

United States Scientific and Technical In- formation Policies: Views and Perspectives, edited by Charles R. McClure and Peter Hernon (432 pages, June 1989), is an introduction to selected issues related to federal scientific and technical information (STI) policies. The contributing writers—librarians, information scientists, political analysts, and scientists—cover such areas as access to technical reports, the Reagan Administration’s national security controls, NTIS, NASA, MEDLARS, the role of Congress, and research needs and issues. The book costs $29.95 (institutions, $49.50) and may be ordered from Ablex Publishing Corporation, 355 Chestnut St., Norwood, NJ 07648. ISBN 0-89391-571-8.

A companion volume, United States Governmentinformation Policies (352 pages) offers awider perspective and larger forum for varying viewpoints. $29.95/$49.50. ISBN 0-89391-563-7.

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