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ACRL actions, June 1989

Highlights of the Annual Conference meetings of the ACRL Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Association of College and Research Libraries met twice during the ALA Annual Conference in Dallas: on June 24,1989, and June 27,1989.


The Board approved as policy the recommendation of the Budget and Finance Committee that “when an ACRL unit undertakes an activity which generates revenue in excess of expenses, this revenue will revert to the ACRL operating budget.”

The Board also voted to express concern to the ALA Executive Board and to the incoming ALA Executive Director, Linda Crismond, regarding excessive delays experienced in receiving monthly financial information on ACRL expenses and revenues. A request will also be made to the ALA Executive Board for assistance with questions regarding ACRL’s Unrelated Business Income Tax liability.

The Board approved the 1990 budget and 1990 financial plan presented by the Budget and Finance Committee, which shows a deficit of $74,750. A full report on the ACRL budget will appear in a future issue of C&RL News.

Discussion groups

The Board approved a petition for the establishment of an Academic Librarians’ Association Discussion Group. The group will be for librarian associations located in individual libraries and is not intended for state-wide associations.

ACRL Board, 1988-89. Back row: Thomas Kirk, Mary Sue Ferrell, Elizabeth Salzer, Larry Hardesty, Peter Malanchuk, Linda Piele, Rochelle Sager. Front Row: Anne Commerton, William A. Moffett, Joseph A. Boissé,JoanneEuster, Anne Beaubien,JoAn S. Segal. Notpresent: Melvin George.

ACRL Board, 1989-90. Back row: Eileen Dubin, Peter Malanchuk, Linda Piele, Larry Hardesty, Melvin George, Anne Beaubien, Elizabeth Salzer, Evan Farber. Front row: Thomas Kirk, Barbara Ford, William A. Moffett, Joseph A. Boissé,JoAn S. Segal.

Fifth National Conference

Evan Farber, co-chair of the ACRL Fifth National Conference Executive Committee, reported that the mood of the Committee at its wrap-up luncheon was euphoric. He briefly reviewed the results of the participant evaluation forms and noted that the preliminary budget projected indicated $84,000 excess of revenues over expenses. Farber stated that the Cincinnati site proved excellent, that the local arrangements committee was outstanding, and that he had heard from veteran conference goers that the conference was one of the best they had attended.

The Board extended a formal vote of thanks to the Cincinnati Conference Committee for their outstanding work.

Information literacy

The Board established information literacy as the planning priority for 1990/1991. A report on the “Symposium on Information Literacy and Education for the 21st Century: Toward an Agenda for Action” was referred to BIS, CJCLS and EBSS for their review and recommendations. JoAn Segal explained that the symposium was an effort between AASL and NCLIS.


The Board endorsed the following resolutions submitted by the Legislation Committee: reauthorization of the Paperwork Reduction Act; OMB’s rulemaking on Dissemination of Information Policy; the report, Informing the Nation, from the Office of Technology Assessment; reauthorization of the Library Services and Construction Act; and gratitude for the planned funding of the White House Conference on Library and Information Services. For a full account of the relevance of these resolutions, see the article by Harold B. Shill and SandraK. Peterson on pp. 649-56.

Operating agreement

President Boissé reported that the divisions and COPES had agreed to a compromise on a four-year phasing in of overhead payments on conferences and workshops. He said he was pleased that an agreement had been reached and that he had established a task force to examine the impact of the new operating agreement on ACRL.

Performance measures

The Board extended the term of the ad hoc Committee on Performance Measures until the 1990 Midwinter Meeting. VirginiaTiefel, committee chair, reported that the measures were being tested a draft of the manual was under review. The final edition will be submitted for ACRL Executive Committee approval in the fall. The goal is to have the manual published before the 1990 ALA Conference.


The Board established an ad hoc Non-Serials Publications Editorial Board to advise the ACRL staff publications officer on titles for publication.


The Board approved apetition for the establishment of the Afro-American Studies Librarian Section (AFAS) and dissolved the Black Studies Discussion Group. The discussion group, chaired by Clarence Chisholm, has been meeting for six years and has grown to more than 90 members.

Standards and guidelines

The Board rescinded the ACRL Activity Model for the 1980s, which has been superseded by the ACRL strategic planning process.

The Board approved: “ACRL Guidelines for the Preparation of Policies on Library Access”; “Guidelines for Academic Status for College and University Librarians”; and the “ACRL Statement on Licensing and Certification of Librarians. ” All three items will be published in C&RL News.

Task forces

The Board received final reports from the task forces on Professional Ethics, on International Relations, and on ACRL and Social Responsibilities. The latter’s definitions of social responsibilities appears elsewhere in this issue (pp. 695-96). The Planning Committee will now consider whether standing committees for each of these areas need to be established.

The terms of the following task forces were extended: Librarians as Instructors (1990 Annual), Financial Development (1990 Annual), Historically Black Colleges and Universities (1991 Annual).

The Board discharged the Small College Assessment Program task force so the group could reform as a task force of the College Libraries Section. The new CLS group will work with the Associaton of Research Libraries’ Office of Management Studies to co-sponsor ARL’s Planning Process for Small Academic Libraries.

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