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Joseph A. Boissé was named ACRL’s Academic/ Research Librarian of the Year at the Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. The award, $3,000 and a citation, is sponsored by Baker & Taylor Books and will be presented during ALA’s Annual Conference in Chicago this June. See page 259 for details.

The cover from one winner of the Leab Exhibition Catalogue Awards. See page 258 for more winners.

Photo courtesy of LSU Libraries, Louisiana Univ.

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I am pleased to introduce in this issue Denise Troll, head of research and development, library automation at Carnegie Mellon University. Denise provided C&RL News with a report on the new products and services unveiled at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. Her special focus is automation and I hope that you will find her report a useful overview of today’s trends.

In addition to our regular columns, the rest of this issue is a report on the many ways your association is working for you:

Read about the actions taken by the ACRL Board of Directors at its 1995 Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia (page 240).

Two new preconferences will be offered prior to the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. ACRL’s Rare Books & Manuscripts Section (RBMS) will look at documenting cultures during its 36th preconference. The Law and Political Science Section (LPSS) is offering a workshop on legal reference (page 271).

Congratulations are due to all of the librarians whose achievements, services, or publications merited special recognition. A special salute to Joseph Boissé, winner of ACRL’s highest honor, the ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award (page 259).

ACRL’s University Libraries Section provides its semiannual report of activities (page 242).

Those candidates who are running for ALA council and are members of ACRL are listed on page 269. And ACRL’s nominating committees want to hear from you (see page 270).

The final version of the revised “Standards for College Libraries,” approved by the ACRL Board of Directors and the ALA Standards Committee at the Midwinter Meeting, appears on page 245.

Finally, a special goodbye to William A. Moffett who so ably provided leadership to the profession and to ACRL (see page 232). He will be greatly missed.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

P.S. Our series of articles on Internet resources will resume next month.

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