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The much awaited final version of the revised ACRL “Guidelines for distance learning library services” appears in this issue (page 689). The area of distance learning is growing at an exponential rate and we hope that these new guidelines will assist you and those on your campus in setting up the appropriate library services to serve this growing segment of the student population.

To keep up with the latest trends in distance education, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe provides us with a report on the 14th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning (page 683). One of the speakers, Elliott Masie, cautioned attendees to use the new technological tools not to merely replicate existing practices, but to invent new methods. He said that these new processes will be the legacy of this generation of distance educators and trainers.

This issue includes a number of updates on ACRL activities:

President Maureen Sullivan shares with us more of her plans in “Leadership through the lens of learning” (page 673).

Cerise Oberman, chair of ACRL’s Institute for Information Literacy (IIL), describes on page 703 the four-and-a-half day information literacy immersion program planned for July 1999 and the other events under development by the IIL.

And Bill Kane wants to be sure we don’t miss the hot spots in Detroit when we arrive en masse for ACRL’s National Conference next April (page 669). Surf the Web and see Detroit!

ACRL depends on its member volunteers to set its agenda and accomplish much of its work. Take a few moments to review your skills and consider volunteering for an ACRL committee appointment (page 695). We’d love to hear from you!

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief,

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