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The need to transform the system of scholarly communication has been a topic of significant discussion in the academic community for the last several years. We talk of the need for new business models to support open access journals, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to effect any real change. This month’s Scholarly Communication offering (p. 652) explains the process by which one endeavor, BioOne, was conceived, developed, and grown over the course of four years to offer cost-effective access to journals in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences and offers some insight into challenges for the future.

Another major issue in the field of academic librarianship has been recruitment and retention. However, the present economy poses a challenge to the newly minted librarian or experienced librarian looking to change jobs. In “Navigating a tight job market” (p. 661), Laura Saunders offers some good advice for librarians conducting a job search during a time when near-term prospects seem to fly in the face of our fear of a shrinking profession.

In The Way I See It (p. 664), Donna Ferullo, addresses the sticky issue on campuses surrounding piracy of copyrighted materials. She proposes a solution that involves collaboration between the entertainment industry and universities.

The final draft of ACRL’s Committee on the Status of Academic Librarian’s “A guideline for the screening and appointment of academic librarians using a search committee” can be found on page 672. When finalized, this guideline will supercede die model statement on the same topic approved in June 2002. There will not be a hearing held on this draft, so please read it here and submit any comments to the committee chair.

—Stephanie Orphan, Editor-in-chief

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