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We can always gain by looking at issues from more than one perspective. As librarians we have the perspective that students need to know how to find, critically evaluate, and use information. In “Information literacy in the Information Age” (page 689), Topsey Smalley reminds us why we are teaching students these skills. She reminds us that from an employer’s perspective, these skills are fundamental.

Carol Anne Germain suggests in “Are we overlooking our most valuable resource” (page 720) that we see the world through our students’ eyes when we partner with them. Who can better tell us whether the library’s Web pages are easy to navigate or whether a new tutorial is clearly written?

Peter Giordano, Christine Menard, and Rebecca Ohm Spencer looked at the reference desk from the student’s perspective and decided that changes were needed in “The disappearing reference desk.” At Williams College they removed their “fortress-like” desk and began promoting “research appointments” (page 692).

Stephanie Willen Brown and Bonnie Vigeland took the research appointment idea one step further and implemented librarian advisors—where each incoming freshman is assigned to a particular librarian with promising results (page 717).

Finally, it pays for the person searching for a job to look at things from the perspective of the potential employer. Janice K. Christopher reminds us of the importance of providing good, strong references to support our applications in “Personnel officer to Robin the Boy Wonder: ‘Do you have any references besides Batman?’” (page 728).

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief

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