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Sometimes, as we pursue our major goals, it is the unexpected that provides us with the most useful information or experience.

Imagine developing a workshop with the goal of helping faculty use technology to address pedagogical challenges in the classroom. As you decide what to include you worry about being too basic, but finally decide to include an exercise that asks the faculty to itemize the criteria that should be used in evaluating sources of information from the Web. You feel that it will help them articulate a clear list they can share with their students. Then imagine teaching the workshop and discovering that the faculty, not unlike the students, are focussed more on the graphic design and usability of the Web site then they are the authority and content of the information. While it may be an anomaly, this experience that Janet Cottrell describes on page 141 has important implications for us as we develop information literacy pro-

Ellen Keith and Trudi Jacobson describe the somewhat unexpected benefit to them when they pursued the goal of teaching a course in a graduate school of library and information studies (page 154). The challenges of a class of eager students keeps the teachers on their toes, staying abreast of new developments, and articulating more clearly their own philosophies.

Speaking of staying abreast of new developments, thanks to the ACRL members who created a report of the exciting networked information projects discussed at the recent CNI conference (page 181). I think you will also find this month’s entry in the Scholarly Communication column of interest with its clear description of CrossRef (page 206).

Take a moment to “meet” ACRL vice-president/president-elect candidates, Elaine K. Didier and Helen H. Spalding, (page 199) and be an informed voter this spring.

—Maiy Ellen K. Davis


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