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Information literacy. Bibliographic instruction. User education. Library instruction. No matter what we call it, (and I realize that some of the terms are distinct) academic librarians have assumed the responsibility for teaching their students how to find, evaluate, and use information.

But how do we best help our patrons become information literate? Classes, workshops, handouts, videotapes, self-study workbooks, and com- puter-assisted instruction are just some of the options available. And when all the librarian is allowed is a “one-shot” attempt, is it enough?

In this issue, Marilyn Naito gives us a look at a comprehensive information literacy program. What distinguishes this proposal is the requirement that information literacy be a component of every course offered by the institution. This recognizes that librarians and faculty must work together in the context of the course offerings to best instill information literacy skills in their students.

If you are trying to decide how to offer end-user searching, Katherine M. Whitley, describes how online end-user searching is handled at the U niver- sity of Arizona. Mary Jean Pavelsek, takes a somewhat different approach to user education and computerized information retrieval. She claims that today’s students are so much more computer literate that handouts can replace training workshops. ACRL president, Barbara J. Ford, offers a summary of the information literacy activities undertaken by ACRL this year.

For those of you attending the ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta, a subject guide to ACRL programs and a tentative listing of all ACRL meetings are included in this issue. From Frank Zappa to environmental literacy, you will find ACRL offers you a stimulating smorgasbord of ideas and information.

—Mary Ellen K. Daυis Editor & Publisher

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