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Ivy Libraries to Use OCLC

The rapid nationwide expansion of the Ohio College Library Center (OCLC) on-line cataloging system has reached two of the largest research libraries in the country. Cornell and Yale Universities will be making use of OCLC within the next few months.

At Cornell, planning has been underway for over a year. There has been a major retraining of technical services staff, and the library has committed itself to a small staff reduction to help pay for equipment costs. Cornell hopes to be on line by July 1 of this year. The library will be participating through the Five Associated University Libraries (FAUL) agency. Yale is also joining the OCLC system via a regional agency, in this case the New England Library Information Network (NELINET). Yale will begin using the system this spring, according to David Weisbrod, head of the library’s Development Department.

The Yale and Cornell operations come after the success of the system at Dartmouth College, the demonstration library for NELINET in testing the transferability of OCLC. Dartmouth recently reported that as a result of OCLC it could reduce its cataloging staff by seven full-time and three FTE part-time positions. At the same time, it projected a savings of over $16,000 a year in equipment rental charges alone.

It is becoming apparent that OCLC is having a major impact on the organization of academic libraries, with an ever-growing shift of technical services staff into other service areas.

In other OCLC news the center’s successes in putting the computer to work for libraries not only in Ohio but in other sections of the country have earned it a new Council on Library Resources, Inc., grant of $194,000.

In making the announcement. Council President Fred C, Cole noted that OCLC’s on-line union catalog and shared cataloging subsystem have been operational since August 1971 and that it is well along in its developmental work toward implementing two of its other five subsystems planned.

This is the council’s third grant to OCLC since 1970. A related grant went to the New England Library Information Network (NELINET) a year ago to test the transferability of the OCLC computer-based bibliographic system to other groups of libraries. At the conclusion of each of these grant periods, achievements have warranted further development. Operational costs are borne by the participating libraries.

Experimental use of the OCLC system in other parts of the country—Five Associated Libraries in New York (FAUL), the Cooperative College Library Center in Atlanta, the Pittsburgh Regional Library Center (PRLC), and the Union Library Catalog of Pennsylvania (ULC)—are being watched with interest to see whether they can produce similar results.

OCLC’s operational on-line union catalog is expected to include a million cataloging entries by this summer. The operational shared cataloging system makes it unnecessary for more than one participating library to do original cataloging—and if the record is available in MARC II from the Library of Congress, it’s unnecessary for any OCLC library to do the original cataloging.

Of the five OCLC subsystems not presently operational, serials control and the acquisitions module of the technical processing system are scheduled for activation later this year. Other subsystems planned are for interlibrary loan communication, remote catalog access and circulation control, and retrieval by subject.

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