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—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief,

The ACRL Board approved a new Strategic Plan 2005 during their 2000 Midwinter Meetings. This plan (page 400) provides a framework within which ACRL can focus its efforts in moving the organization and profession ahead.

In keeping with its mission to “enhance the effectiveness of academic and research librarians to advance learning, teaching, and research in higher education,” ACRL makes a concerted effort to provide a variety of professional development opportunities for academic librarians.

Enhancing effectiveness is a broad mandate. Not only does ACRL hold programs, institutes, and workshops, its publications and Web pages also offer the latest in research and practical techniques. This issue includes an insert of ACRL programs and meetings at the 2000 ALA Annual Conference, which lists 27 programs and preconferences and dozens of meetings aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of academic librarians.

C&RL Newspublishes articles that share knowledge and experiences from the front line that we hope will enhance your effectiveness.

This month’s articles explore a number of issues related to technology. Martin Kesselman, Delphine Khanna, and Lourdes Vazquez describe how to work with faculty on Web-based courses that help students develop skills and information and technical literacy (page 387).

Dennis Dillon explores the impact of e-books in library collections (page 391), and in our “Scholarly Communication” column, Peter Boyce reviews preprint servers and looks at their effects on scholarly communication (page 404).

As you continuously develop your skills, know that ACRL is always looking for ways to help you enhance your effectiveness.

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