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CONFERENCE CIRCUIT: ACRL at the Midwinter Meeting: Actions of the ACRL Board of Directors

At its 2001 Midwinter Meeting in Wash- ington, D.C., the ACRL Board of Directors met on January 14 and 16 and took the following actions:

ACRL governance

Approved, upon recommendation of theBylaws Committee, bylaws revisions for the University Libraries Section (ULS) and the Literatures in English Section (LES).

Approved the College Libraries Section’srequest to institute a practice of virtual memberships on its section committees and agreed that the guidelines established by CLS be circulated among all of ACRL’s sections.


Congratulated the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) and the editors of RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage, the revised publication formerly known as Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarianship, for their proactive efforts to expand the audience for this journal, and to extend the collaboration between special collections librarians and scholars in a wide range of disciplines.

DLS celebrates 10 years

Whereas the Distance Learning Section (DLS) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2000, and whereas the DLS is the fastest growing section of ACRL; be it resolved that the ACRL Board of Directors congratulates DLS on its 10th anniversary and its efforts to extend library services to off-campus teaching and learning.

Approved a resolution that the ACRL

Board of Directors congratulate the Delaware Valley Chapter (the first recognized ACRL chapter, which was founded as the Pennsylvania Chapter) on 50 years of service to academic librarians in this region.

Approved a resolution that the ACRL

Board of Directors congratulate the Distance Learning Section (DLS) on their 10th anniversary and their efforts to extend library services to off-campus teaching and learning.


Increased the scholarship funds allocatedto the Institute for Information Literacy Immersion program for scholarships by $5,000, bringing the total available for scholarships for this activity in 2001 to $15,000.

Confirmed conference call vote to allocate$15,000 to defray expenses of students enrolled in an ALA-accredited library or information science programs for attending the 10th ACRL National Conference.

Approved, upon recommendation of theBudget and Finance Committee, a reduction in revenues for the regional Institute for Information Literacy Immersion program budget from $98,990 to $74,128 and expenses from $97,241 to $73,726. The budget revisions reflect an ACRL in-kind contribution from the host institutions—Edgewood College and the University of Wisconsin Library system that reduced expenses—and a corresponding reduction in revenues due to reduced registration fees.

Approved allocations to support twoACRL programs: 1) a two-day Institute for Information Literacy Immersion program faculty retreat to be held in San Francisco prior to the 2001 ALA Annual Conference—$3,780; and 2) a satellite program on the Harvard campus for U.S. and international academic librarians during the 2001 IFLA Conference in Boston—$16,400.

Allocated $20,000 to establish a publicitycampaign directed at academic administrators and faculty about the vitality and value of academic libraries.

Voted to pursue external funding for ACRL’sBest Practices in Information Literacy National Working Conference, and asked that the Budget and Finance Committee review the financial implications should outside funding not be received.

Government relations

Endorsed the resolution on LSTA Reauthorization. Voted to recognize that the ALA Resolution on Internet Filtering is pertinent and relevant to academic libraries and librarians and is reflective of their commitment to intellectual freedoms and to local library control and expressed support of an assertive role for ALA in communicating the concerns of the entire association to appropriate agencies and individuals and an equally assertive role in challenging the pertinent legislation.


Formed a task force consisting of representatives from AASL, ACRL, and LIRT to further three priorities: 1) joint publication of the AASL and ACRL “Standards for Information Literacy”; 2) joint professional development opportunities; and 3) joint award for collaboration in information literacy.

Professional development

Approved proposals for six preconferences:RBMS 2002, 2003, and 2004; information literacy training 2002; Instruction Section 2002; and Advocacy 2002.


Approved in closed session, upon recommendation of the Publications Committee, the appointment of William Potter as editor of College and Research Libraries, (C&RL). Potter will serve one year as an apprentice to current C&RL Editor Don Riggs. Potter becomes editor at the close of the ALA Annual Conference 2002.


Approved in concept the designation of afund for supporting research on academic libraries and referred the matter to the ACRL Budget and Finance Committee for consideration and recommendations.


Approved, upon recommendation from theStandards and Accreditation Committee, the revised “Standards for Faculty Status for College and University Librarians”; “Guidelines for Collective Bargaining” (see page 304); and with commendations for its high-quality “Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction.” ■

Delware Valley celebrates 50 years

Whereas the Delaware Valley Chapter (founded as the Pennsylvania Chapter) was the first recognized ACRL chapter; whereas the Delaware Valley Chapter was established in 1951 and has been continuously supportive of ACRL’s goals; therefore, be it resolved that the ACRL Board of Directors congratulates the Delaware Valley chapter on 50 years of services to academic librarians in this region.

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