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Mary Ellen Davis

Northwestern opens facility for faculty library and technology needs

Northwestern University Library and North- western University Information Technol- ogy have completed construction on a new facility designed to serve the library and technology needs of faculty and teaching graduate students.

This new facility brings together the University’s Academic Technologies divi- sion, the Library’s Collection Management office, and the Marjorie I. Mitchell Digital Media Services. These units will combine to assist faculty in obtaining a range of services from traditional library biblio- graphic services to creating course Web pages to digital library projects.

“Over time, we believe this facility will enable Northwestern faculty to be among the best equipped in the country to use technology in their teaching and research,” says David Bishop, Charles Deering McCormick university librarian.

The new facility creates one-stop shop- ping for library and technology needs. While there, faculty can get help from subject bibliographers in the use of the collection or recommend a title to be added to the col- lection. They can also work on new com- puting techniques and software for learning; create and deliver sound, video, and text in digital for- mat; and create Web pages.

The Jazz Age in Paris

“The Jazz Age in Paris: 1914-1940,” a national traveling exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) and ALA, opened at the Elmer L. Andersen Library, University of Minnesota Libraries, with a reception featuring music and readings on February 1.

The exhibition brings to life in words, pictures, and music the early jazz movement in Europe, its American roots, and the exuberant cafe and cabaret musical culture of the City of Light between the two world wars. The exhibit offers portraits of artists and performers of the era, such as Josephine Baker and Django Reinhardt, as well as insights into how the American expatriate population in Paris and the European avant garde helped to shape a glamorous and influential cabaret culture in the 1920s and 1930s.

The exhibit was made possible through the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The original version of this exhibition was developed by the SITES and was made possible by Nissan North America. The exhibition is part of America’s Jazz Heritage, A Partnership of the Lila Wallace - Reader’s Digest Fund and the Smithsonian Institution.

Northwestern's new facility offers one-stop shopping for faculty interested in everything from collection development to offering a course on the Web.

Left to right: Marcia Pankake, Jim Cogswell, Su Chen, Rafael Tarrago, and Peggy Johnson (all of the University of Minnesota Libraries) enjoy the opening reception of "The Jazz Age in Paris: 1914-1940."

African American exhibit opens at Texas A&M's Cushing Library

A crowd of 300 attended the opening of an exhibit tracing the history and contributions of African Americans at Texas A&M University Saturday, February 3, at the university’s Cushing Memorial Library. The exhibit, “In Fulfillment of a Dream: African Americans at Texas A&M University, 1876-2000,” coincided with the bi- ennial Black Former Students Reunion, Black History Month, and the start of events marking a yearlong celebration of the 125th anniversary of the university.

A time line, theme pan- els, and individual panels that highlight the people, contributions, participation, and achievements of African Americans at Texas A&M from 1876 to the present are included in the exhibit, which will be on display through June. Angus Martin, a reference archivist at the library, was curator of the exhibit and researcher for the project.

Translators and liaisons needed for standards

ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force is working to facili- tate the distribution and endorsement of the stan- dards within the higher education community in the United States and around the world. To achieve this, the task force is looking for vol- unteers to translate or verify the translation of the standards into a lan- guage other than French, Japanese, Finnish, Roma- nian, Chinese, Spanish, or Russian. If you have lan- guage skills or are a mem- ber of a discipline-specific higher education association, please contact Barton Lessin, chair of the Information Literacy Competency Stan- dards for Higher Education Task Force, at

Bring the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion program to your campus

Host institutions are sought for ACRL’s Institute for Information Literacy Immersion program. These five-day programs require housing, meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, meals, and refreshment breaks for up to 100 participants. The programs are generally held in the summer, using dormitory facilities and campus food services.

Texas A&M recognized the contributions of African Americans in its exhibit "In Fulfillment of a Dream: African Americans at Texas A&M University, 1876-2000."

Chroniclead salutes libraries

Watch for a full-page announcement in a forthcoming issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education congratulating our 2001 winners of the Excellence in Academic Libraries Award, sponsored by Blackwell’s Book Service.

This announcement is part of a media campaign approved by the ACRL Board to underscore to members of the higher education community the continued vitality and value of academic libraries.

The winners of this award, exemplify the exceptional manner through which their library staffs collaborated to anticipate and respond in creative and innovate ways to the information needs of their institutions.

Winners for 2001 are:

• Austin Community College (community college division);

• Earlham College (college division); and

• University of Arizona (university division).

When it appears, please bring this announcement to the attention of presidents, provosts, deans, faculty, and other appropriate individuals and groups at your institution.

In the near future, your winning library may also be recognized nationally through an Excellence in Academic Libraries Award!

ACRL offers licensing workshop in San Francisco

With the rapid growth of databases, the number of licenses handled by libraries has grown exponentially. This change in scale means that it is even more important to have in place sound practices for tracking licenses, as well as policies and procedures that encourage or enforce compliance with the terms of the contract.

During the one-day preconference, “Navigating the Licensing Landscape,” explore core issues to address in license negotiation, discuss selected problems and solutions in licensing language, and examine current hot issues. Learn negotiation techniques, share negotiation strategies, and discover if the current licensing model is sustainable as libraries attempt to manage an ever-increasing number of licenses and contracts. This preconference will be held prior to the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, on Friday, June 15, 2001. Speakers include Ivy Anderson, coordinator for Digital Acquisitions, Office of Information Systems, Harvard University Library, and Kimberly Parker, Electronic Publishing and Collections specialist, Yale University.

Details for submitting a proposal to host an immersion program may be found on the Web at siteproposal.html. Questions? Contact Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL senior associate executive director, at or (800) 545-2433 ext. 2511.

Sherman Alexie to speak at ACRL President's Program

Award-winning author, poet, and screenwriter Sherman Alexie will be the featured speaker at the ACRL President’s Program, June 18, 2001, at 2:00 p.m. at the ALA An- nual Conference.

Described as “one of the major lyric voices of our time” by the New York Times, Alexie is a prolific writer. Since 1992, he has authored seven books of poetry, sev- eral collections of short stories, two nov- els, and wrote the screenplay for the Sundance Film Festival’s 1998 Audience Award and Filmmakers Trophy winner, Smoke Signals.

ACRL President Betsy Wilson is thrilled to have Alexie featured at her program: “I chose ‘Community and Collaboration’ as the theme of my presidential year because the library is the intellectual crossroads of the community—a house of stories preserv- ing our memory and fos- tering communication and collaboration. As academic librarians, we must constantly work to look at our communities from new perspectives. Throughout his works, Alexie challenges his readers to see the world from a different point of view.”

For more information about ACRL programs and the president’s theme visit


You’ll like it from every angle

For a superior vantage-point in the areas of corporate finance, economics and marketing, business and academic researchers prefer the Business & Company Resource Center online database. In a single comprehensive database, users can efficiently research current, accurate and organized company and industry information, such as:

• CDA/Investnet insider buying and selling activity

• CDA/Spectrum major shareholders

• Company performance ratings

• Comprehensive financial overviews

• Current investment ratings

• Financial ratios

• First Call consensus estimates

• Investext®

• 20-minute delayed stock quotes


Business & Company Resource Center provides global business coverage including company profiles, corporate chronologies and histories, industry rankings, products and brands, business journal news and analysis, stock prices and more. Whether researching new career opportunities, business case studies or competitive intelligence, your users will appreciate the quick and easy access to such dependable information.


Please call your Gale Group Representative at 1-800-877-GALE to set up a free trial, or visit for a guided tour. Outside the U.S. and Canada, send an e-mail to


Visit us at the

ACRL Conference, booth #60I



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