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ACRL President Betsy Wilson’s declaration that “the Lone Ranger is dead,” in relation to her theme of community and collaboration, continues to resonate as I review and select manuscripts submitted to C&RL News. Academic librarians are reaching out to their communities and making satisfying partnerships.

In this issue, Janet Nichols describes a pilot project undertaken by Wayne State University (WSU) Libraries to foster information literacy partnerships between local high schools and the WSU Adamany Undergraduate Library (page 275).

The successful project earned comments from the high school teachers such as, “The partnership has helped me teach research to my students more as a series of steps rather than just saying, ‘Go research your topic.’”

As a parent, I am thrilled to hear a teacher say that he/she will teach research as a series of steps. My English-teacher husband and I frequently decry the manner in which our daughters receive research and writing projects. “Go research your topic” is not an uncommon style.

In another example of collaborative projects, Lisa Yesson and Lynn Jones share how the University of California at Berkeley is reaching out to die K-12 community to make resources and technology accessible to schools (page 296).

Karen Horny describes a partnership that I would not have thought of right away—one with the U.S. Postal Service. Read about Southwest Missouri State University’s (SMSU) ongoing relationship with the local postal workers union (page 287).

Do plan on celebrating National Library Week this year using some of the great new @your library graphics (page 290). Send me photos and details about your celebrations so I can share them with readers.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis


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